The Bullingdon Club got kicked out of Christ Church trying to take their annual photo

Bye mate

The historically awful Bullingdon Club just got kicked out of Christ Church college, and it could well spell the end for the dwindling drinking society who seem to have lost any kind of credibility.

According to Cherwell, the remaining members were attempting to take their annual photo, recreating the classic shot featuring members standing on steps in the courtyard, epitomised by David Cameron and Boris Johnson and their terrible haircuts. They were marched off site by a porter, with students saying firmly that they “do not represent the views of our student body and we have made very clear that they are not welcome”. And the uni obviously agrees as the club have since been banned from the college.

The all-male dining society has a long past of being a club full of trash people doing trash things. They’ve been banned since 1927 after every single window of the college quad was smashed, but they continue to rear their ugly head as the worst stereotype of Oxford. Since then they’ve famously smashed up a full pub in 2005, and in 2013 they hunted in the desert while wearing their ugly suits, and obviously flew in a private jet with a bottle of Moet each. They even had a film made about them, but then walked out of the premier when they realise that film producers hated them too.

Last year, the ‘buller’ were in such dire straits they were forced to go on a recruitment drive to boost their ailing membership which consisted of just four or six “weird postgrads”.

The Bullingdon Club, although massively reduced, remains an image of born wealth, privilege, masculinity and really everything thats wrong in the world. But whats scariest is the club’s close links to politics with past members including David Cameron, Boris Johnson, George Osborne, and the son of the Conservative senior treasurer AKA the guy that said a £300 daily allowance for MPs was inadequate.

Oxford students continue to fight against the most venomous of all societies. In May, a video of students heckling Boris Johnson out of his old college went viral, chanting “tory tossers” and asking “Do you want to burn a £50 in front of a homeless person?”