Oxford University Saltburn

Students from two Oxford colleges are throwing Saltburn themed parties this term

One of them is Felix and Oliver’s actual college from the film

A bunch of students are throwing Saltburn themed parties at Oxford University Colleges, and one of them is this weekend.

Brasenose College, the college where Oliver and Felix both attend in the film, is hosting a “bop” all centred around the film which, you know, sees an Oxford student murder an entire family to inherit their stately home.

In a promo post for the event seen by The Tab, the Brasenose College events team announced the theme for the party as Saltburn. They said: “We’re all about to lose our minds” and described the vibe as “Diabolical, sexy, dangerous, brave, audacious, insane”.

Oxford University Saltburn

At Oxford, a “bop” stands for big open party which is just a massive party hosted by the colleges that the entire college is invited to. So unlike in the film, there’s going to be no one who is NFI. It’s a massive Oxford tradition that’s been going on for years.

Tickets for the event cost £7.98 for alcoholic tickets which include drink tokens and £2.70 for non-alcoholic tickets. All kind of sounds very school disco not gonna lie.

On uni confessions site Oxfess, one person criticised the event: “WTF is Brasenose doing having a Saltburn themed bop?? So out of touch it’s insane.”

Oxford University Saltburn

Via Facebook

Whereas some people agreed, calling it “morally corrupt”, another student commented: “Grow up”.

Another Oxford student on Twitter said: “Brasenose holding a Saltburn themed bop is an absolute recipe for disaster and I am heartbroken I will not be there to witness its inevitable chaos”

The Insta story also said the college events team were planning on hosting a screening of Saltburn, “if the college will let us”.

But as well as Brasenose’s bop, Magdalen College has also hopped on the bandwagon of the Saltburn theme and is holding its own Saltburn themed party this weekend.

In a post on its official JCR events Instagram, the college made an edit of the events team’s faces over the movie’s poster. The post is captioned “Saltbop”.

The party is being held by the college on Saturday and runs from half eight to half 11.

Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn is partially set at The University of Oxford where protagonist Oliver meets Felix. A lot of the first half of the movie is filmed around Brasenose and Magdalen Colleges as well as Christ Church and Radcliffe Square.

Students “kindly loaned” their actual rooms to the production team to film Oliver and Felix in their halls because it was important to Emerald Fennell to actually shoot in and around Oxford. She said: “The thing about something like Oxford is that often it’s so beautiful, so mysterious, so walled-in, so ​elite, I suppose. But, of course, in the rooms, they’re shitty and people are throwing up in their sinks.”

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