Oxford students forced to sleep in queues for over 24 hours to sign uni accommodation

Meet the local team

All the Oxford on campus filming locations where Emerald Fennell shot Saltburn

Students literally loaned their actual dorm rooms to the production team

BBC denies allegations of antisemitism on University Challenge due to octopus mascot and Palestinian flag colours

‘We utterly condemn the abuse that has been posted and shared’

Oxford student found escort waiting in their room booked by the university

The student found a ‘woman sitting on [their] bed in a lingerie robe’ in their hotel room

So, some Oxford Colleges actually have a chalet students can visit and it’s big Tory vibes

Rah Bartholomew are you coming to the College chalet this year?

Katie Hopkins is speaking at the Oxford Union this term and shock, no one wants her

She’s going to be debating… veganism?

Oxford College asks students to sleep on mattresses in shared rooms due to RAAC in halls

Not really the Oxford dark-academia dream you signed up for is it?

Many students at Oxford will no longer be able to receive parcels to their colleges

Parcels will be delivered to a depot a mile out of the city and redirected to the colleges via cargo bikes

Oxford University advises students to ‘make sure your friends are in your debt’ in bizarre post

Coming from a uni which has produced over 153 millionaires

Oxford goes down to second place in new university league table for 2024

Oxford drops down to second place in new university league table

Brb crying

Oxford University professor rape

Former Oxford University professor on trial accused of multiple counts of rape

Tariq Ramadan took a leave of absence from Oxford in 2017 following the emergence of multiple rape allegations