Students launch encampment in solidarity with Palestine at The University of Oxford

Oxford encampment

Meet the local team

Jacob Elordi Oxford University

Omg guys, Jacob Elordi is going to Oxford University in October to study English

He fell in love with the campus while filming Saltburn

Oxford stalked

Oxford Uni lecturer stalked by man who flew 4,000 miles to her with a can of pepper spray

He sent his bags to her office and wanted her to ‘be his Valentine’

Oxford Uni chaplain who compared sex offenders to ‘puppies needing training’ given welfare role

He asked one student assault victim if they were ‘aware of the effect they had on men’, but has now secured a post at another college

These are the subjects you need to study at Oxbridge to more than double your grad salary

In one subject, studying it at Oxbridge over any other uni will get you £47k more per year

Oxford University Halal

Oxford University College offers students a Halal menu option but it includes… red wine

One student said she was ‘sadly not surprised’ at the mistake

Two of Emma Watson’s lecturers at The University of Oxford have successfully sued the uni

Emma Watson studies on Oxford’s creative writing course

Oxford students Ceilidh

So, people are rinsing Oxford students for dancing at a ball and it’s low-key really mean

A Ceilidh is a huge part of Scottish culture

Oxford Vice Chancellor salary

Oxford University Vice-Chancellor with £232k salary says grads should be donating to their uni

Was my £9k a year not enough!

Emma Watson Oxford

Two of Emma Watson’s lecturers at Oxford are suing the university for unfair dismissal

The lecturers also compared their situation to the Post Office scandal

Oxford university part-time jobs

Oxford uni called ‘patronising’ for job advice despite banning its students from working

Oxford’s policy on part-time jobs reads: ‘Term-time employment is not permitted except under exceptional circumstances’