Oxford’s Bullingdon Club is facing extinction

The Club hasn’t been able to attract enough members in recent years

Oxford University’s Bullingdon Club, an exclusive all-male dining club, is well-known for its wealthy members who smash up restaurants after expensive dinners and have a rich history of being awful. The club, which was founded in 1780 as a hunting and sporting club, expects its members, or ‘Bullers’,  to wear a specially made tailcoat that costs £3,500.

In 2005, the Bullingdon Club smashed 17 bottles of wine, every piece of crockery and a window in a fifteenth-century pub with four members being arrested. The ringleader of the group was The Hon. Andrew Fellowes, nephew to Diana, Princess of Wales. Other former members, who are allegedly initiated into the club by burning cash in front of beggars, include British politicians David Cameron, Boris Johnson and George Osborne, all who tried to conceal their membership to the club.

But 200 plus years of tearing up the town could be coming to an end, as The Tab has learnt the elite drinking society is down to its final members. An Oxford graduate told us that membership has declined over recent years, with no new members joining last academic year.

‘Bullers’ on a private jet, each seat has a personal bottle of Moet

The few who are still “involved” he said, were a “few weird postgrads”, and there were only between four and six. In an effort to save their beloved club from extinction, the remaining ‘Bullers’ have started a recruitment drive to boost membership, which has plummeted from 30 members just a few years ago.

The leading cause for its decline may have something to do with the toxic reputation that the group has developed. Many Oxford undergrads have realised that the privileged, chauvinistic-hooliganism that the Bullingdon Club encapsulates, is an outdated relic in modern British society.

In 2014, Bullers reportedly attended the premier of Riot Club, a drama about an elite Oxford dining club based on the Bullingdon Club, in their tail-coats. When they realised the film was lampooning them, many were ‘”devastated” and two walked-out halfway through the screening.

If you know who the last members of the group are, please contact The Tab.