Bullingdon Club ‘wore tails and drank champagne’ at screening of The Riot Club in a ‘pikey’ cinema…then stormed out

They’re not even that classic


Distraught former members of Oxford’s notorious Bullingdon Club walked out of a Riot Club screening at London’s Westfield Vue cinema. 

• Buller boys arrived in full uniform of tails and silk bow-ties
They stormed out in shock when they saw the film’s parody of them
• Friends of members say they were “devastated” 

According to friends, a pack of Buller boys wore full tails and drank champagne at the cinema, which they branded “pikey”.

But they were “devastated” at the film’s depiction of the club and walked out in disgust.

Bullingdon boys 2011/12

Bullingdon boys 2011/12

A chum said: “Quite a lot of the club didn’t want to go because it’s just embarrassing. Still a load of them went to what they called ‘the pikey cinema in Westfield’.

“They brought champagne because they thought it would be a laugh, but as the film turned unpleasant it became really embarrassing.

“They felt like people were looking at them and two of the guys walked out. They were devastated.”

Plebeian cinema-goers looked on in horror as members of the elite club popped bottles of champagne wearing their tails and bow-ties, which cost £3,500 to buy, club sources told The Tab.

Unhappy at how the film lampoons the infamous group, some of the Bullingdon members staged a walk-out in disgust.

While most members refused to comment on the trip, several members and friends confirmed the trip had taken place.

Another slammed the film as “absurd”.

Former member Alick Dru added: “I’ve got nothing to say on the matter.”

The boys on a private plane to South Africa

The boys on a private plane to South Africa

The Riot Club film shows the Bullingdon Club as violently snobbish scions of the aristocracy which the producers insist is fiction.

In the story, they beat a pub landlord unconscious, force themselves on prostitutes, and shout they are “sick to fucking death of poor people”.

David Cameron, Boris Johnson, and George Osbourne were members of the 200-year-old club that holds boozy dinners in restaurants they smash up and then pay for.

Their initiations allegedly require prospective members to burn cash in front of the beggars and have their rooms trashed.