Hungover from Crisis? Here are the best spots in Notts for a morning-after breakfast

Eat the alcohol away

I’m sure everyone can agree that the worst bit about an amazing night out is the morning after. Whilst there are a few who are blessed with the ability to avoid a hangover no matter the number of Jäger bombs and sambucas consumed, most of us are left either chundering out our souls or suffering an intense emotional, spiritual, and physical breakdown.

The only positive which comes from this traumatising experience is the perfect excuse to dip further into that overdraft and get a cheeky morning brekkie or brunch. If you are stumped for places where to go here is a small collection of ideas.


If you live on the city centre side of Lenton or better still, in the City Centre itself, this small café is an amazing choice. I don’t know what they put in their scrambled eggs but they have to be some of the best in Nottingham.


If you spent the night before throwing up for what felt like a lifetime, gorging on a McDonalds breakkie is sure to get you back up and running at full steam in no time. I love to pair the double sausage and egg McMuffin with a hashbrown. For that subtle caffeinated boost I’ll add one (or two) Caramel Frappes.

The best thing about going to a Maccies is being able to wear your pyjamas or clothes from the night before without any judgement.


While the food at Avocafe is nice, it is their drinks that really make it stand out, they make outstanding beverages fit for the strongest of hangovers. My favourite so far is the carrot and orange juice but this may be a controversial choice.

One thing to bear in mind is that as a Lenton staple, the café tends to be packed and busy with students so don’t be surprised if you have to wait a few minutes for a seat or if you see someone you know.

Jo’s Pancake House

Despite its name, this family-run café serves more than just pancakes.

The food is extremely affordable, and they have an all-day breakfast menu including an extremely hearty full breakfast. So you can still wake up at 3pm and not have to miss out on the best meal of the day, which is a win in my eyes.

Cosy Club

This is a classier choice and not your typical hungover breakfast/brunch spot. If you fancy a boujee treat, want to go somewhere with virtually no students or simply want an excuse to go into the City Centre, then this is an amazing option.

Portland Coffee

If you’re usually a lean, green working machine but found yourself on the wrong side of the tequila the night before, it makes sense to start your day off at Portland Coffee.

As you will already be on campus at this point, you might some motivation to head to the library and go through the content of that 9am lecture that you inevitably missed. At least your day will be at least semi-productive – provided you actually brought your laptop with you.

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