Where to eat in Nottingham before you die

We have the only Hooters in the UK

Nottingham definitely holds some of the best food in the country, here are the best of the best of Notts grub.

Annie’s Burger Shack

Annie’s makes our list because everyone who has eaten there says how amazing it is. Huge, juicy burgers that come in “vegan, veggie or meaty”. Each burger on the menu is a tribute to a certain country, place or person and all have their own little bits of detail which make them so special. The menu states: “We pride ourselves on our ability to create your burger the way you like it” and that along with the friendly atmosphere is why everyone loves it. I mean, where else can you easily purchase a burger covered in peanut butter and jam?

Spanky Van Dykes

Spanky’s is a Notts classic. Priding itself as an “eatery and funhouse”, this is not just your average restaurant. Their website claims the food is “the best in melty, stringy, dripping, finger-licking indulgence as well as tip top burgers and clucking tasty wings and fried chicken”. Mmm our mouths are watering at the ready. What more could you want than 2-4-1 burgers on a Tuesday?


This one makes the list due to the speediness and quality. It’s just like fast food but with a more gourmet touch. Their website states: “Our sizzling hot Inferno oven fires up the freshest pizzas in the blink of an eye (or 180 seconds) thanks to its scorching 900 degree heat”. What more could you want? Deliciously tasty pizza, ready to eat in the space of three minutes!

Miss Korea

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Miss Korea brings Korean cuisine to new heights. Whether you want to tuck into some noodles or cook your own Korean BBQ food yourself right at your table, this restaurant is definitely something special and this is why it deserves a place on our list.



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Nottingham’s finest Japanese food. If you’re a sushi lover then Bonzai is a must for you. The quality is on point. It may be a little more on the expensive side for the average student, but if you go here on a special occasion I promise you will be back for more! Their website SAYS: “The Bonzai Sushi Restaurant serves dishes of the highest Japanese standards” – and that it definitely does.

The Cod’s Scallops

The best fish and chips in town has to be at The Cod’s Scallops. You get a huge portion and for the price it is a bargain. The quality of the fish is really good and the thick-cut chips are delicious and not too oily. Their website says that you can “enjoy a wide variety of seafood and the best fish and chips in Nottingham”. That they are! Thumbs up from us.

Brown Betty’s

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There is nothing typical about this sandwich deli. Brown Betty’s is one of a kind. It’s amazing sandwiches are famous in Nottingham, probably because they’re so delicious. They also do really nice pasta and salads if you want to be a little more mainstream. Their website says: “With over 30 years of experience, Brown Betty’s knows what makes a great sandwich!” This is a place you have to try.

Red’s True Barbecue

This is a barbecue restaurant like no other. Quality food and a friendly atmosphere make this restaurant truly one of a kind. It helps that the food is absolutely delicious too! Their website tells you to: “Look: Salivate. Smell: weep. Taste and be saved. The plague of bad British Barbecue is over. You are free. Enjoy Red’s full range of barbecue plates from Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket and the famous Donut Burger.” Yum.

Rub Smokehouse

This smokehouse brings the traditional American grub to Nottingham and creates the most amazing and interesting of concoctions… just look at the ingredients in that above… it’s chicken and ice cream! On their website, they say: “A passion for food, drink and creating a party atmosphere are the three ingredients that make up Rub”. The fun-loving atmosphere and deliciously smelling food attracts all the Notts people from far and wide, and that’s why it makes our list.


Celebrating Annie's bd ❤️

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This beautiful restaurant and bar is situated right on the canal… hence the name and what stunning views it has. Their website states that: “Canalhouse is one of Nottingham’s finest examples of canal architecture and has an internal canal basin going inside the venue with two narrow boats moored up inside.” With a beautiful atmosphere and delicious food to match, this truly original venue is definitely making our list.


Coming over from our neighbours across the pond, Hooters brings sexy to an every day boring restaurant. Pretty girls will serve you deliciously mouthwatering grub… what more could you want? They say: “We intend to keep dancing with the one that brought us we know the most important thing is good food and cold beer served by beautiful HOOTERS girls!” Preach.

The Nottingham Doughnut Co.

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Because we need something sweet on this list. Situated on Market Square, the little doughnut shop is too amazing not to include. You cannot walk past without glimpsing inside at the truly mouthwatering doughnuts on offer. They look incredible, but they taste even better, and you’ll soon be back for more! They also do delivery.

Hockley Arts Club

They may have a small menu, but they make up for it in quality. The Hockley Arts Club covers three floors which are all decorated equally as magical. The drinks are delicious and the food is even mouth-wateringly better. The mix of flavours comes together really nicely in each dish and the atmosphere in the arts club makes it all the better. Their website says: “Hidden away behind the bustling backstreets of independent Hockley lies an impossibly beautiful building that houses the Hockley Arts Club- A creative space for social eating and drinking”.

Calcutta Club

Acclaimed the “best Indian in Notts” (by me). A welcoming atmosphere mixed with delicious Indian spices and flavours is what makes Calcutta Club part of our list. When you’re out in Notts with your mates and decide you all fancy a “cheeky curry”, this should be the first place you think of! “Here at the Calcutta Club in Nottingham our endeavour is to make the meal and experience memorable and enjoyable, over and above expectations each and every time.” That it does.

Thea Caffea

Because there’s always room for one more sweet place. Thea Caffea, one of Nottingham’s best kept secrets, is located in the Lace Market. It’s a quaint little place which is perfect for afternoon tea. Fear not, they also do a really nice brunch, amazing soups and huge sandwiches. This cute little English tea room is quite picturesque and it has a lovely area to sit outside when it’s a nice day. This one should definitely be on everyone’s list, as well as ours.

The Larder on Goosegate

The Larder is definitely a little more upmarket than some of the other restaurants in this list, but it is perfect for when mum and dad come up to visit you at Uni. The beautiful venue is situated on Goosegate – hence the name – and the whole atmosphere really is lovely. The stunning Grade 2 listed building in which the restaurant is placed, was once home to Jesse Boot’s first apothecary and many original architectural features remain. Considered to be “posh food”, quality is key here. The amazing flavours that melt in your mouth do make it worth it, you do get what you pay for after all.

Kitty Cafe

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Because what’s a better combination than food and cats? Nothing, that’s what. Kitty cafe offers amazing food. The nicest panini I’ve ever had was at the Kitty Cafe. They also do awesome milkshakes and deliciously mouthwatering cakes. Being surrounded by the cutest kittens ever makes it all worth it, plus they’re all available for re-homing, so you may end up leaving with more than a full tummy!