Living in Radford isn’t so bad and here are seven facts to prove it

Arboretum > Lenton Rec

Radford gets a lot of hate for its bad rep. But, believe it or not, living in Radford isn’t half as bad as it seems. If you really think about it, Radford has everything a student needs. You could even say that it’s a haven for students.

Disguising where you live as the ‘Arboretum’ or ‘near Hyson Green’ isn’t doing anyone any favours. You live in Radford. But that’s not a bad thing. Not always, anyway, and here are seven facts to prove it:

Tram stops are everywhere

Radford is home to not one but four tram stops. Noel Street, The Forest, High School and the Arboretum. How about a brunch trip to Slugs? That’ll take you precisely nine minutes.

And with all of them being placed so close together, if you miss a tram by a second, you could probably chance it and run to the next stop in the nick of time.

There’s takeout galore

Pizza, Chinese, waffles, shawarma – anything you fancy on those lazy Friday nights where you can’t be arsed to cook, but also don’t have a bundle to blow on UberEats, you can find it in Radford.

The takeout strips of Radford are infamous, like the gem street with Dessert Kingz, Tops Pizza and Penny’s Caribbean that trails from Lake Street all the way to NG1 or Hyson Green’s endless options. You’ll never find such an assortment of takeaways in  Dunkirk or Lenton.

Forest Rec and the Arboretum are super close

Perfect for lazy picnics, the scenic morning run, Bonfire nights, spontaneous sports days and mini fundraising marathons, the great Forest Recreational Ground is the true gem of Radford.

If a quiet and blissful bird-watching afternoon is what you’re looking for, you can grab a few friends, cheap snacks, and a picnic basket to any of the two parks and a lovely time is guaranteed.

Supreme supermarket choice

Lidl, Aldi, the Range and a massive ASDA all exist within the same postcode. Radford is spoilt for choice. A common denominator in all students is frugality and these supermarkets are perfect for this.

There’s no need to spend loads of money at a small store. Instead, you can save all your spare change on things you really want to buy.

The roads have inspiring artwork

Remember when Banksy came down to Ilkeston Road and blessed a beauty salon shop corner with a mural that went on to be encased in glass and purchased by a mega-rich gallery owner for £6m? That happened in Radford.

Banky’s art hasn’t been the only piece of art to grace the streets of Radford. Street art takes the form of colourful graffiti and inspirational quotes all over the walls of buildings and shops, as well as on its bins.

UoN and NTU students live harmoniously

Tensions between the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent have long formed the backbone of student culture in Nottingham. But this isn’t the case in Radford. In fact, only in Radford does the perfect equilibrium of UoN to Trent students exist.

Some students even dare to be housemates with people from the other uni. In Radford, the impossible is possible. The Trent crowd throw the best parties. UoNers refuse to miss lectures no matter how hungover they are. It’s truly the best of both worlds. 

B&M is right next door

From a range of delectable candles to the fattest pack of frozen chicken wings you have ever seen in your life, a funday at a B&M is always a treasured experience.

Granted, it’s not Beeston’s big Tesco, but the selection is still pretty good. 

Don’t listen to what others say. Radford is truly the place for students to be. Everything is nearby. There’s a good mix of students. Getting to any uni campus in Nottingham is pretty straightforward. So, if you’re still looking for where you want to live next year, maybe consider moving to Radford.

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