Here are seven vibey locations in Nottingham to spice up your Instagram feed

It’s all about the lighting

Taking photos for Instagram is somewhat of a sport, with every girl on your feed trying to become a micro-influencer, it’s a tough game to be competing in.

If you’re looking to spice up your Instagram content with a few locations that are more interesting than your bedroom wall then look no further. We have found some of the best places in Nottingham to take unforgettable photos for the gram:

The Magic Garden

Magic Garden, NG1 7DL

Taking a good photo comes down to one thing: lighting. The Magic Garden can be found along the cobbled streets of Lace Market and it is home to endless photo opportunities. Whilst you may not have heard of the Magic Garden, this fabulous venue was created by the minds behind the more well-known: Hockley Arts and Penny Lane so, you know it has to be good.

With an infinite supply of neon lights to pose in front of and crazy cocktails to pose with, this location is guaranteed to improve your Instagram feed.


Effy, NG1 7AA

If you’re trying to make a more wholesome, cozy Instagram picture, Effy is a super cute and aesthetic coffee shop that has been designed to be photographed, just look at their Instagram feed (@effynottingham). This cafe is perfect for posing with heart-topped hot chocolates or for taking aesthetically pleasing interior design photos. This secret gem can be found just off St Peter’s Square near the centre of town.


Revolution Bar, NG1 3AJ

A more well-known Instagram location but, an undeniably good one, can be found in Hockley’s Revolution. Not only is this bar super aesthetically pleasing but, it does super affordable and tasty cocktails and has a limitless list of cocktails so, there is something for everyone’s taste buds and alcohol tolerances. With their iconic neon sign and a photo booth, Revolution should definitely be on your list if you are looking for a photo-worthy night out.


Zizzi, NG1 2AS

Posting an endless supply of pictures of yourself for your Instagram followers is not for everyone. If you prefer aesthetic artsy photos or if you’re more of a foodie, take a trip to Zizzi.

Not only is the food amazing and affordable but, the lights are stunning and their log walls are lined with fairy lights to create the perfect space for taking photos.

Glory Holes

Gloryholes, NG1 3BH

For those of you who don’t take your feed as seriously and who love a bit of mini-golf, Gloryholes is the place for you.

The adult-themed course is an absolutely hilarious experience that is guaranteed to take up space in your camera roll because every hole is based around some sort of inappropriate joke.

Portland’s Balcony

Trent Building, University Park Campus

Everyone loves taking a pretty picture of the sky, at sunset, sunrise, or just on a sunny day. There are so many amazing viewpoints around Nottingham but, one of the best, and most local, is the view from the Portland Building balconies.

You can look out over Highfields Park and the Trent building with uninterrupted views. Just go up the stairs to the food hall and head for the windows to find the balcony seating.


The Cornerhouse, NG1 4DB

If you are looking to post a photo dump from a fun day out, take a trip to the Cornerhouse in town. With everything from the arcade to bars, there are so many interactive photo opportunities.

This location is perfect for getting fun photos with your friends, whether you’re taking goofy pictures whilst trying the ball toss or, sipping cocktails in the Lost City mini-golf bar.

Your halls

If all else fails, nothing beats a picture that has been taken in your flat, whether that be in your kitchen, bedroom, or hallway.

If you’re not particularly excited by the idea of paying to go somewhere just to take an Instagram photo then taking drunken outfit pics during pres is the way to go. Nothing is a better backdrop than your home.

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