Here are the best ideas for a solo date this Valentine’s Day

Indulge in some self love

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I am sure that there are plenty of us out there who are feeling incredibly single and as though we may be missing out on some of the traditions and celebrations.

Well I am here to remind you that you are strong and independent and don’t need to rely on anyone. Whoever said that a date had to be something that took place between two people was so wrong, solo dates are very much a thing.

Solo dates is basically another way of saying ‘taking a self-care day’ and they have so many advantages over dates, the most prominent being that you don’t have to waste time with boring small talk, and another that you can have your headphones in and block out the world with whatever music you’d like the whole time.

So, treat yourself this Valentine’s Day to a solo date by trying one of these fabulous things in Nottingham.

Romanticise your life

If you’re not receiving any romantic gestures from anyone else then it is your job to romanticise your life. Grab yourself a book, even if you’re not an avid reader, and go to a cute coffee shop or park.

With a cute drink, cute book, and hopefully a cute outfit, you will look like Nottingham’s mysterious ‘it girl’. Even if you don’t end up managing to read much, it’s always fun to sit and people watch.

If you really don’t want to read then, you could also try looking into any local museums or art galleries so that you can go and explore some exhibits. You’ll still look creative and mysterious to achieve major ‘it girl’ vibes.

Pamper evening

It is so important to pamper yourself, give yourself the time to make yourself feel like royalty. There are always fabulous deals on in Superdrug and Boots or even Tesco; whether you’re into fruity or floral smells, there will be a variety of scrubs, lotions, and masks at your fingertips. Buy yourself a few bits and bobs, go home, pop on your favorite Netflix show, and relax.

Focus on you(ni)

Self-love can come in the form of organisation. Use this time to get your life together. Whilst all the lovers are busy, the libraries on campus won’t be. Take your laptop and plenty of snacks and spend an afternoon in the library getting on top of all the lectures that you have already neglected this term. Once you have caught up on some work, you will feel just as refreshed as you might after a pamper evening.

Treat yourself and go shopping

If you are lucky enough to have some wiggle room in your student loan then take yourself shopping. Set yourself a budget so that you don’t go too crazy and then go and explore the massive range of shops that Nottingham has to offer.

If you’re a big thrifter then try doing a charity shop crawl through Nottingham’s White Rose chain. If you aren’t massively into fashion and prefer ‘stuff’ then I’d recommend going to the Victoria Centre and exploring the new Japanese store that is opposite a fabulous Danish store, both are full of wonderful things to treat yourself with.

Have a dance party

The worst thing about dating is trying to find someone that shares the same music taste as you. This is your sign to listen to your favourite album from start to finish.

I don’t care whether you pop your headphones in and go for a scenic walk or if you dance around your bedroom in your underwear, turn the volume up and sing your heart out to the songs that you only ever listen to when it’s just you.

Cake and a coffee

We all love a good trip to Starbucks, whether you’re a coffee fan or a frappe fan, their menu has something for everyone. But if you’re looking to treat yourself then I’d recommend finding one of Nottingham’s cute little independent cafes and buying yourself a drink and a slice of cake.

One of the things that we all dread around Valentine’s Day is the influx of posts on social media. Picking a coffee shop like Effy will give you something far more interesting to post on social media, it’s super aesthetic pink and cozy interior decor create the perfect setting for a quiet coffee date with yourself.

Effy, NG1 7AA

Put your chef hat on

Going out for a meal is a stereotypical date for Valentine’s Day, if you’re not one of those people that feels comfortable going for a meal by yourself then pop into your kitchen and cook yourself something delicious. Honestly, one of the best places for finding easy and delish recipes is TikTok, the videos guide you through the recipe step-by-step to guarantee a perfect dish at the end of it.

Do some exercise

Screw Valentine’s Day, summer is just around the corner. Nothing makes you feel better about yourself than some good exercise. If you are a gym bunny then take this day to go to the gym or go for a run. Put on your favourite matching gym set and go make yourself feel fabulous with a mood-boosting workout.

If you’d still like to exercise but, don’t particularly want to see all of the gym-lads perfecting themselves before their Valentine’s Day plans, then go for a walk around Nottingham and find some of the best view-points, a long walk will do you just as much good as a gym session.

Buy some flowers

Receiving flowers from someone you love is always nice but you’ve made it this far through the article so I am guessing you haven’t got someone buying them for you. That’s okay though, you can still go to your local supermarket or florist and treat yourself to a bouquet. Spend the time pruning your flowers and arranging them in a vase to put on your window sill, this will make your bedroom smell better and look prettier, I would definitely recommend it.

Disney + and chill

If you haven’t done it already then now is the time to make the most of the Disney + free trial. Spend your day flicking through the variety of shows and films that are available on the app. In case you didn’t know, Marvel is available on Disney + so, even if you are alone, your Valentine’s Day can be spent in the presence of the likes of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland.  If Marvel isn’t your thing and you’re looking to tap into your happier childhood memories then try scrolling through the classics section to find Simba and Cinderella.

Get creative

Everyone loves a trip to Hobbycraft. If you want to get your creative juices flowing then this is the perfect solo-date for you. Take your time walking around the aisles and find something fun to make, if you want to unleash your inner child then buy some of their tissue papers and try your hand at papier mache. If you’d rather do something more tidy then I’d recommend an embroidery kit or beaded jewellery.

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