Here are all the beautiful views you need to see before leaving Nottingham

And guidance on how to find them


If you’re anything like me, you live through your photos and memories of beautiful views. Nottingham is a goldmine for photography and world-watching lovers. The city and its surrounding areas have no shortage of beautiful views.

Whether you are a nature lover or if you prefer a bird’s eye view of the city, this article has somewhere for you to live and capture that picture-perfect moment. Here are 13 of the best landscape spots in Notts:

Highfields Park

Highfields Park, more commonly known as the lake on campus, is home to an infinite number of picturesque spots but, the Lakeside Arts steps at the end of the lake is arguably the best viewpoint. With stunning views across the water and up towards the beautiful Trent building, this view holds an inevitably high rank.

Highfields Park Steps

E floor in George Green

The E floor George Green Single Person Study Pods are probably the most underrated study locations across Nottingham. Whether you hop in the lift or trek up the stairs, there are 20 pods that have the most magnificent views over the roof of the engineering department. The best views are available at sunset.

E Floor Study Pod

Nottingham Canal

Nottingham Canal is something that most students are likely to have experienced in some way as it extends from Beeston all the way through the city centre. There are countless bridges that cross the canal and they all have great views.

Nottingham Canal, taken on a bridge just off Castle Boulevard

The Park Steps

The Park steps provide access from The Park Estate into Nottingham City Centre. Located near the intersection of The Ropewalk and Park Row, the steps are an incredible location for watching fireworks in November.

The Park Steps

Castle Marina

If you prefer water-based views and boats, then this one is for you. The Castle Marina is home to row upon row of Nottingham’s narrowboats.

The bridge over the marina provides the best viewpoint. It might be a busy road, but the view is worth stopping and admiring, especially when the sun is setting in the distance.

Castle Marina

The ferris wheel in Old Market Square

The top of the ferris wheel at the annual Nottingham Christmas market provides panoramic views over the entirety of Nottingham. Even if you are terrified of heights, it is worth going up. The views are phenomenal.

The view from the top of the ferris wheel

Wollaton Park

Wollaton is known internationally for its features in many films. Most notably, the hall was used to portray Batman’s Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight.

The deer park provides beautiful panoramic views of nature at its finest and it is within walking distance from University Park Campus.

Wollaton Park

The tram lines

A slightly more dangerous viewpoint comes from looking between the middle of the tram lines. You don’t have to step onto the tram lanes themselves for the picture or experience. You can stand on the corner of a footpath and look down to get the full experience. But make sure to be careful and aware of your surroundings at all times anyway.

The tram lines that run parallel with Highfields Park provide a particularly good view with the contrast between trees and tram line, making for some fabulous photography opportunities.

The tram lines near campus

Ningbo Friendship Bridge

The Ningbo Friendship Bridge crosses the road that lies between the University Park Campus and Queens Medical Centre.

If you are more into urban viewpoints rather than natural ones, this one is for you. Standing on this bridge, you can overlook the hustle and bustle of the busy roundabout that links Dunkirk, Lenton, Wollaton, and the City.

Ningbo Friendship Bridge

The Park Tunnel

The secret entrance to the park is a spot that is difficult to find at first, but its tunnel vision-like view into the park is a must-see for anyone in Nottingham. Located to the northeast of the city centre and hidden below Derby Road, this location is quite unique.

Secret Entrance to the Park

The Arboretum

The Arboretum, located north of the city centre, is the oldest public park in Nottingham and is home to over 800 trees, beautiful flowers, and a large pond.

One specific view is impossible to select from this park as there are so many different viewpoints and hidden spots. To make the most out of the occasion, put your headphones in and go for a wander to see what you might find or go with friends for a picnic.

The Aboretoreum

David Attenborough Nature Reserve

David Attenborough is an icon. Anything he says goes. So you know David Attenborough Nature Reserve, not far from Beeston, is going to be good.

A quick trip on the tram and you are brought to an oasis that is perfect for hiking, bird watching or admiring nature.


Lace Market Car Park

There is a car park that sits near the Nottingham Contemporary. At its top, you can overlook southern parts of the city.

This secret spot is easily missed because it is not easy to find but, once you have found it, the panoramic views are phenomenal and should not be missed.

Lace Market Car Park