It can be hard at uni to say no to socialising, this is why alone time is so important

A night in with Netflix can be invaluable

Who doesn’t love a good night out with your friends at uni? University life is advertised as being about meeting new people, socialising and making the best memories you can for the three short years most of us are here for.

Some of the best memories I have are from spontaneous nights out with my housemates where we’ve all had a bit much too drink, or even when we’ve all just had chill night sitting together in the kitchen chatting absolute nonsense for hours on end.

Whether it’s a night drinking in Ocean or just a chill night with your housemate it can get tiring, especially whilst trying to maintain a certain level of uni work. I don’t know about you but my social battery drains so easily and takes around two to five working days to recharge and get back to where it was.

These are some of the reasons why I feel like it is important to take time out from socialising, even when you feel like you don’t need it.

It is so important to look after your mental health at uni

As much as I love spending nights with my housemates, when I finish a 9am-6pm day at uni there’s nothing more I would want to do than go to my room and binge a Netflix series in my bed, sorry girls.

Life can be stressful at uni with long days of lectures and seminars. Socialising with your friends can be a great way to unwind and forget about all of your impending deadlines, but sometimes you just want to have your own space and do nothing for the rest of the night. It’s okay to take time for yourself and let your brain completely unwind after a long day. You and your mental health will be better off for it.

We actually recently discovered that when one our of housemates would tell us about how much work she’s got to do for the next day it was actually code for ‘I’m going to my room to binge Netflix alone’. Fair play, we all need a break at some point.

It’s equally important to look after your physical health

Ever wonder why freshers flu is even a thing? Not only is your liver suffering with the constant nights spent socialising over one or five drinks, more often that not your general health will start to decline eventually.

A bit too much drinking and not enough sleep can start to seriously affect your health. Sometimes we just need to take time out of socialising and recognise that a quiet night in will do yourself more better than good. Maybe once in a while it might be nice to give you and your liver both a break.

Deadlines? What deadlines?

University life may be all about meeting new people, making memories and endless nights out but there is definitely another important aspect of the three years and that is your degree. Even though it may play second fiddle to your social life from time to time, all social events definitely need to take a back seat during deadline season.

Whether it’s coursework or exams, its a very busy and stressful time for uni students, you might find yourself going out to the library more times than you go to Crisis. In what can be incredibly difficult and stressful times, take some time to focus on yourself and give yourself enough time to meet those deadlines.

Maybe you just don’t want to go out and that is okay

Although socialising and making friends is a big part of university life, there are actually a lot of people who would rather spend time alone. There is nothing wrong with focussing on your studies and make the university experience your own.

No big social groups means no drama and being the main character of your own life. Why don’t you take yourself to some cute study spots or a walk around Highfields lake and focus on what is important to you.

You might find yourself to be happier and healthier.

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