I spent a week romantiscising my student life in Notts and this is how it went

Main character vibes only

As winter drizzles on, and the workload begins to increase as terms starts up again, it can be hard to picture your time in Notts as living your best life.

The student loan drop from January feels like it was years ago, and I’ve started counting down the days until the sun sets after 5pm.

To get out of this slump, and appreciate my final term at Nottingham, I decided to romanticise my week.


Romanticising your life doesn’t just involve what you decide to do, it’s the mindset behind it. So, after making my way back from a 7am gym session (a mistake) I decided to ease into the main character life, by slowing down and enjoying my free Monday morning. I drew on inspiration from TikTok, as my fyp has been filled with “it girl” content.

Using frozen croissants acquired from Castle Marina Sainsbury’s and a cafetiere, I was soon eating pastries and sipping my coffee. The warm smell of the croissants filled the kitchen, and despite the pile of recycling in my uni house, the simple act of taking the time to make my own oat milk latte put me in the right mindset to go about the rest of my day.

I took this time to plan the week ahead, and instead of feeling like a stressed-out third-year student, I felt organised and put together. To really finish off my “it girl” morning, I decided to listen to the new episode of Emma Chamberlain’s podcast on my walk into campus, feeling refreshed and ready.


One of the best ways to feel like the main character is by using music. Every one of your favourite movies and TV shows have a soundtrack to match their aesthetic and you should too.

So on Tuesday, I created my very own ‘main character’ playlist filled with all my favourite songs to listen to on a mental health walk. As a UoN student, of course my walk of choice had to be around Wollaton Park.

The grey skies and slight drizzle couldn’t dampen my mood, especially after meeting Nottingham’s dogs as I strolled around with Taylor Swift singing in my ears. Airpods in, gym leggings and puffer coat on, I could feel the bad-bitch energy emulating. Everyone should try it.


As mid-week hit, I knew the time had come to make my way to the library. I have no aversion to the library, George Green has become somewhat of a second home over the years, but its lost its excitement and novelty as a daily task.

So, instead of the usual sweats that accompany me to George Green, I drew inspiration from girlboss Elle Woods, and decided on a more extravagant outfit than usual.

Strutting into the library (but still with my tatty backpack) I started to study, feeling like the mysterious student someone might fall in love with and post on Nottsfessional.


Studying can be so dull, and by third-year I have gained my fair share of study worthy tips. But one of the best ways to motivate yourself is by romanticising it, buying pastel gel pens or using Notion to organise your life. But coffee shop vibes are truly unmatched, and none hit quite the same as 200 Degrees for a Notts student.

That’s why I was able to make my way to the tram at 9am on Thursday, with a claw clip in my hair and a tote bag by my side, ready for the most aesthetic studying. On my personal agenda was seminar reading and fuelled with an oat milk flat white and poised with my favourite highlighters, 200 Degrees made studying more than bearable – channelling my inner Rory Gilmore.


Friday’s can make FOMO hit hard, and if you’re not out drinking at Coco Tang or Penny Lane, you can feel as though you’re not living your best life, especially as a uni student. But your instagram story doesn’t need to be filled with boomerangs of cocktails to pass the vibe check.

This Friday my housemates and I felt like the stars of a 90s sitcom by staying in, ordering sushi (health queens), and binge-watching Euphoria together in the living room whilst gossiping about the week. It was also amazing to wake up on a Saturday morning without a hangover.


After a quiet night in on Friday, by Saturday the clubs were calling my name. I am of the humble opinion that the pre-club rituals are better than the actual night out; blasting the collaborative playlists made with your housemates, asking every single person whether your outfit is okay, and making full use of the communal wardrobe.

Nothing feels more main-character worthy than Rock City on a Saturday night. Alcohol, and even just the atmosphere in Rock City makes everyone friendly, talkative and ready for a good time.

But the best part of the evening, and a movie-worthy moment, was a montage photoshoot in the bathroom. My friends and I gathered around a small digital camera, posing and laughing with each flash. The photos may be shabby, but the memories were priceless.

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