Coffee shops in Nottingham every student needs to know about

For those who consider themselves a caffeine connoisseur

Uni life can be excruciatingly tough and oh so tiresome; hence, coffee tends to be the staple diet of any student struggling through their degree, offering a glimpse of hope and purpose to even the most far gone souls.

Coffee never used to be so integral to me – in fact, I would often avoid it like the plague. But increasingly, with 9am lectures, I’ve found myself so attached to coffee that I’d even venture as far as to say it’s my friend.

What’s more, through countless hours of invigorating research and unhealthy amounts of money thrown down the drain, I’ve dedicated myself these past few months to finding the best coffeeshops in town, and in doing so, have made friends with more than merely the coffee itself, but the actual café owners too.

Being a man of the people, I offer you a trustworthy analysis of the coffee places in Nottingham you should be putting your pocket into.

Neon Wolf

Neon Wolf is as badass as it gets. You might notice from the exterior alone that it’s not your average coffeeshop (uh-uh honey!), but it is in fact a tattoo studio as well. This grand establishment is otherworldly from the moment you enter the premises, with ‘cool kid’ vibes that could knock the socks off any sk8er boi out there.

They have old-timey Go Karts and shooting games, as well as a sprinkling of Mario-themed fiascos. Most importantly though, the coffee is rather splendid; they use beans from a local Nottingham roaster called Outpost, so you can be your patriotic self whilst sipping on a sneaky flat white, or whatever your go to brew is.

Also worthy of mention is the addition of all items on the counter being 100% plant-based. They do offer both dairy and plant milks but the foods on offer are all sourced from the mouth of nature itself.

Coffee: 6/10

Vibes: 8/10

Overall rating: 7/10

Nom nom

Greenhood Coffee House

Greenhood is in the Beeston region, which is a bit out of my comfort zone. Despite having only frequented this establishment once, it left quite the good impression on me.

Once upon a time, when the majority of lectures were online, I took a nearly two hour round trip to get to Greenhood and back, for want of expressly dipping my toes into the coffee they had to offer, and boy oh boy, was I blown away!

I’d heard good things about it from another coffee enthusiast, so decided to give it a bash, and actually the more I think about it, the more I think it’s time for another exciting excursion to there, for not only was the coffee superb, and the interior immaculate, but it also had some fabulous buns. If the coffee and cakes aren’t enough to sway you to visit, there’s also a DoughNotts in the near-vicinity now.

Coffee: 8/10

Vibes: 7/10

Overall rating: 8/10


This eensy little spot in the city centre offers a 10% student discount, so make sure you have your student card at the ready, sweeties. I’ve been here numerous times, simply because it’s quaint and you can always guarantee a good chat with the owner and the coffee is exceptional.

It’s not the best of places for those in desire of a focused and comfortable workspace, but for those in want of good cakes, better bagels, and even better coffee, then this is the place to be. Situated in Hockley, it matches the groovy aesthetic of the surroundings, and it’s only downside is its lack of a loo.

As well as all the smashing stuff to slosh down, they also have a language-learning club that meet up on a regular basis, just to discuss their love of languages and teach each other bits and bobs to get by overseas, how very wholesome.

Coffee: 8/10, sometimes 9, but they have Outpost consistently on espresso, and I just wished they’d spice it up a tad on occasion

Vibes: 8/10

Overall rating: 8/10

Cartwheel Coffee

What’s this? Another Nottingham roastery? Oh, I do treat you! Particularly as this is definitely the place to be if you’re looking for somewhere to whip out your laptop and crack on with a bit of work, with marvellous coffee and cake to accompany you.

They have free WiFi here (are there any words more profound than that in the English Dictionary?), plugs galore, and the caffeine-kick is pretty outrageous. Plus, the playlist has clearly been contrived by someone wary of the establishment’s well-focused aura, and drives one to actually do the work you set out to do.

They also have a divine array of brunch delights here, though they are a bit more on the expensive side for those of us on a tight student budget.

Coffee: 9/10

Vibes: 9/10

Overall rating: 9/10

Fancy shmancy


A wise man, known to most as Shakespeare, once exclaimed: ‘Of the very instant that I saw you, Did my heart fly at your service’, to which I can profess is an experience I never thought possible, until I happened upon the likes of Effy.

I frequent here twice or thrice a week, at the expense of my bank account, and yet the profit of my heart. Whenever I want to treat a friend to a good time, or even just myself, I come here because the coffee is second to none in Nottingham. They have been using Manhattan beans for a while, which is a roaster from the Netherlands, a.k.a crack. As well as this, oat milk once again is at no extra cost, the PB&J treat is to die for, and the hot chocolate is quite honestly the best I’ve ever drank.

The vibes, the food, the company, and the tunes are all immaculate. Basically, I’m almost single-handedly funding the lovely couple that own the place, Mitch and Ellen are very clued-up on their coffee. Particularly at weekends, this place can get quire busy, however, when one can attain a seat inside, you’ll find yourself instantly transported to the land of chill. And the best part, they’re dog friendly so you may be able to bag yourself a cuddle with some furry friends if you’re lucky.

Coffee: 10/10

Vibes: 10/10

Hot Chocolate: 11/10

Overall rating: 10/10

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