This is not a drill… it’s snowing in Nottingham and it’s snow joke

Stop what you’re doing and head to Wollaton to build a snowman

A weather warning has been issued for Nottingham as students were pleasantly surprised this afternoon with showers of snow. Rain, sleet and snow are expected throughout most of the day.

Temperatures are expected to fall below minus three degrees, so head over to Portland Coffee and get yourself a hot chocolate ASAP.

Makes 12 hour George green sessions more interesting x

A weather expert from the Met Office told Nottinghamshire live that the weather will likely cause disruptions such as travel delays on roads, cancelled railway travel and stranded vehicles, so make sure you’re not trying to escape home anytime soon.

The weather expert also said: “There is a small chance that power cuts will occur and other services, such as mobile phone coverage may be affected”, so get your insta stories of the Trent building in speedily.

As if it couldn’t get more aesthetic x

The snow is confirmation that Christmas season is officially here, so get yourself down to Notts Christmas market for ultimate festive vibes: grab some churros and have a ride on the carousel.

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