From snowmen to sledging: here’s your Notts snow day checklist

Is it even a snow day without an insta at Wollaton Park?

It’s 10am, you’re groggy from yet another bedroom crawl in your house the night before, when you’re rudely awoken by your housemates screaming at the window. SNOW DAY! What a time to be alive.

Midway through exam season, plus another lockdown (thanks Boris!), a snow day was exactly what we all needed. Thankfully, more snow day’s are forecasted to be coming, so we compiled an essential list to make sure you get all you can out of a snow day in Notts.

Build a snowman

With multiple lockdown’s, we’ve all had a bit much of our housemates at this point. It’s time to bring in a new addition, and what better candidate than a snowman?

Frankly, the bigger the better- because of course it’s a competition with your whole road to see who’s is the best, and you absolutely can’t be caught slacking.

He did eventually get a head don’t worry.

Snowy walk on campus

Now you’ve got a new snowman guarding your house, up next is a quick walk on to campus, to see the Trent building in all its glory (because, let’s be honest, it’s the prettiest building on campus and the weather only makes it even more so).

Magical views tbh

A trip to Wollaton Park

Your snow day is not complete without an insta story of a white Wollaton park. It’s a must, as if it didn’t already look like a Christmas card. Also, seeing the deer in the snow is deffo a magical experience (even though Christmas is well and truly over, we can still pretend).

Get a cute insta pic

Just in case nobody’s looked outside yet to see the white sheet that has covered everything, it’s vital that you get some cute pics in the snow to update your insta (otherwise, did it even happen?).

Instagram caption definitely something along the lines of ‘sugar and ice and everything nice’.

Snowball fights

A snow day is nothing without the pure adrenaline rush of a snowball fight. Rumour has it that Lenton recreational park is the perfect spot for just the thing (socially distanced of course). Forget UoN versus Trent bar crawls- snowball fight anyone?

Sledging (student style)

Snowboarding is another essential, but to be honest nobody actually has the time (or funds) to go out and buy a sledge, so the next best thing is of course baking tray sledding. I mean, you barely cook with it anyway, so you might as well get some use out of it. Who even needs the ski trip when you can make your own sledges right here in Notts?

Cosy hot chocolate

Finally, before your toes have quite literally frozen off, it’s time to head back up home for a perf hot chocolate and marshmallows in your cutest mug (or just the only one you have that’s actually clean-ish).