A compilation of the best photos from a mad snow day in Notts

This weather was snow joke!

On the 24thof January, Nottingham was hit by some pretty hefty snow. Many students were grateful for this after being cooped up, revising for exams, and doing coursework, as it provided some much-needed fun outdoors.

From giant snowmen, to aesthetic campus pics, to questionably placed snowballs: here is a collection of some of our favourite photos.

The lake has never looked so good!

Kicking it off with this photo of Highfields lake, it perfectly captures the campus in all of it’s wintery glory.

Is that a snowball in your pocket?

This snowman definitely gets extra points for creativity, and impeccable craftsmanship.

What is it with boys and having to have the biggest one…

‘For reference, Connor on the left is 6 foot!’ The 117 Rothesay boys were determined to be the coolest kids on the park, with the biggest snowman.

Just chilling with our new flatmate.

Callum, Marylene, Grace, and Reese with their new pal Sir Joint Borlase. Great name.

Campus looking gorgeous as the sun sets.

The last few snowflakes starting to drift down, making a stunning sunset.

Size isn’t everything!

Emily and Alice’s snowman modelled after every guy in the Stealth smoking area asking for a lighter.

Lenton Rec looking beautiful in the evening.

Everyone made the most of the snow day, at right at the end we were treated to some sights like this.