The virtual art exhibitions in Notts this spring that you have to see

Miss the joy of going to the galleries? Well not all is lost as Nottingham is holding FREE virtual exhibitions

Throughout spring and summer, the New art exchange and Nottingham Contemporary will be holding three virtual exhibitions which are free for the public to access.

The Tab Notts have your back, and are here to provide you with a brief description of some of the exhibitions and the artists behind them.

Nottingham Contemporary- Daniel Steegmann Mangrané

Steegmann Mangrané was born and works in Rio de Janeiro. He is a man of many practises working in film, drawing and sculpting. His work challenges the ‘traditional boundaries between nature and culture or subjects and objects’, thus creating a new system which is able to represent the natural interdependence between everything in the world.

The exhibition  looks at how a range of mediums/ technologies can be utilised to represent different aspects of the highly endangered rainforest, Mata Atlantica which is located in Brazil.

The link to the exhibition can be found here.

Image source: v21 art space

Nottingham Contemporary- Denzil Forrester: Itchin & Scratchin

Forrester emigrated from Grenada to London in 1967 during the windrush and later on moved to Cornwall in 2016 after a successful career as a lecturer.

His paintings are heavily influenced by dub music which originated in Kingston, Jamaica in the 60s. Itchin & Scratchin has spanned over 40 years and incorporates a vast range of artistic works making it Foresters most well-known show to date.

This exhibition is also shown alongside the work of Diane Simpson and Sung Tieu at the Nottingham Contemporary.

The link to the exhibitions can be found here.

Image source: Nottingham Contemporary

New Art Exchange – Encroachments

This is personally my favourite exhibition of the list! Unlike most of the virtual exhibitions on offer in Nottingham, this one provides work done in a variety of mediums and paints uses colours and lights to make what would have otherwise been quite ghastly a scene seem quite ‘fun’ which is great for someone who is easily distracted/ bored.

This exhibition was created by Shezad Dawood who is of Pakistani descent and reflects on the relations the country has had with the US since its partition in 1947.

The term ‘encroachment’ is used to designate the backlash in Pakistani politics and the media against so-called illegal structures built onto the fabric of existing private and state infrastructure. (V21artspace)

The link to the exhibitions can be found here.

Image source: v21 art space

Nottingham Contempory will be hosting Exhibitions throughout summer including;

Grace Before Jones: Camera, Disco, Studio

Jimmy Robert: Akimbo

So make sure you check the Nottingham Contemporary site regularly so you don’t miss out!

Featured image source: v21 art space

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