Lenton’s Banksy mural has been sold to a private gallery in Essex

Goodbye hula hoop girl, you will be sorely missed

For the residents of Lenton, this morning brings disappointment at the removal of a short-lived, but much-loved, art installation at the lower end of Rothesay Avenue. The rumours are true, the Banksy has been permanently removed.

After The Tab Nottingham broke the news of the mural’s removal earlier today with a reporter on the scene from 6:30am, we can now confirm that the mural has been sold to a private gallery.

In the early hours of this morning, the sounds of drills and angle grinders awoke residents, who emerged from their houses to find a wooden slab where a hula-hooping girl once stood.

The renowned graffiti artist painted the mural overnight on 15th October last year, filling students and families with jubilation in what was a difficult time for many due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Today, residents are bound to be bitterly disappointed as the portion of brick-wall which the mural once adorned has been removed in its entirety, ripping through the protective barrier and leaving the pavement covered in dust and debris.

Whilst initially being informed by a workman that the removal was for the purpose of “restoration”,  hours later in an exclusive interview with the Nottingham Post, the owner of the building confirmed that the piece has been sold to a private gallery, claiming that charitable donation proved unfeasible.

The family who own the building have decided to sell the mural to Brandler Galleries, an Essex-based gallery with several other Banksy works, for an unknown amount.

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