A mystery poster has appeared in the old Banksy spot

Have you seen this girl?

On Thursday night, a ‘Missing Girl’ poster appeared on Rothesay Avenue, the former location of the Banksy mural that was sold to a private art gallery last month.

The phone number cited at the bottom of the poster is that of the gallery in Essex that it has been sold to.

This comes after a petition that has amassed over 750 signatures calling for the return of the beloved piece. The new owner has received mass slander on social media criticising the artwork being sold, as it went for a hefty six figure sum, against Banksy’s principles of art being appreciated rather than used for monetary value.

When asked for a comment, he stated that ‘nobody asked me’ to leave the artwork in Nottingham.

This is not the first tribute that has appeared in this location, with a graffitied sad face, and the words ‘We want our Banksy back’ and ‘Bring Banksy back’ previously in the spot.

Additionally, these postcards have been appearing on Nottingham buses, which call for people to sign and share the petition.

It is noticeable, however, that ‘Childeline’ has been spelt incorrectly, so perhaps we have a dyslexic artist in our midst.