What your first Notts night out after lockdown says about you

If it’s crisis you’re obviously on a sports team

Lockdown officially ends on Monday 21st of June (finally), and let me tell you, this only means one thing: you’ve got a tricky decision ahead of you, where do you go first?  There’s so many choices and only you can decide, but one thing is for certain: wherever you go, it’s going to be absolutely crazy.


If your first night out is Ocean, it’s safe to say you’ve probably been missing the cheesy hits and bay watch music (who wouldn’t?). There is no feeling quite like seeing hundreds of sweaty boys take off their tops and swing them around the room with absolute euphoria. VK’s being thrown about left, right and centre- a thought which up until now has only been a sweet but distant dream.

You definitely follow Andy Hoe on instagram, and while you’ve been listening to his Angels remix on repeat every Friday, it hasn’t quite been the same. But get ready, because it’s time to get back into that sweaty room and sing your heart away all night.



If your first night out is Crisis, there is no better feeling than bagging yourself a crisis ticket off UniSalad 10 mins before the transfer deadline. But lets face it, you are probably part of a sports team or a society where a heavy Wednesday night is the highlight of your week.

Most of you are absolutely gagging for the sweet taste of a VK and the feeling of your shoes sticking to the main room floor. You  absolutely love a themed night and you go all out, be prepared to see it all and remember, beware of the rugby boys.


If your first night out is Pryzm, you are very keen, you don’t care what Uni night it is whether it Monday or Tuesday, Trent or UoN- you are there.

There is no chance you are going to wait till Wednesday, and who can blame you, we’ve waited over a year for this. You are an all rounder on the music front and miss it all from curve to the cheesy disco room. But let’s face it, if you’re first choice of night out is Pryzm you probably went to SKINT and ended up with a free entry wristband.


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If your first night out is INK you’re going hard, and that’s not just when you fall down the stairs. You’ve missed the heavy house music and are ready to come home with the long awaited ringing in your ears from the bass. And let’s all hope you’ve not lost your navigation skills, because it is safe to say you will need them, be prepared to lose your friends and spend the night sifting through hundreds of sweaty people . If you’re going to INK you are dressing up, and why not? Since the only thing we’ve been able to dress up for recently is a cheeky trip to Sainsbury’s local.

Rock City

If your first night out is Rock City, you are experienced in the Notts club scene. You know it will deliver. Make sure to get your ticket early and remember not to forget your free jäger when you pass go.

rock city

It will be a messy one and thats not just the confetti cannons. Get ready for the long awaited sound of Sandstorm and Mr Brightside, and don’t worry if you don’t quite know all the words to the songs the big screens got  you. It is going to be wild and well worth the wait.


If your first night out is NG-ONE you are definitely disorganised and you have been so caught up in the excitement of clubs reopening that you forgot to get tickets for anywhere else. But even if your first night out is NG-ONE, then it’s safe to say it will be a cheap one, and who can complain we all know students love a bargain?

You can forget social distancing in this place as the luxury of personal space doesn’t exist. Also make sure to watch out for the toilets because one wrong turn and you might find yourself in a very awkward situation.


If your first night out is Pom Pom you are probably a naive first year and are yet to experience any other club night, or just a big fan of a quieter night. PomPom may be small but it does have pretty aesthetics and make sure to get a picture in the photo booth. If you’re choice of club is PomPom you either like cheesy tunes being played by a 50 year old DJ or heavy R&B and let me tell you, there is no in-between.