Six ways to create that Notts Uni vibe while stuck at home during lockdown

Craving Crisis? 4 am bedtimes? Sitting in the library on your phone? Here are some small ways you can have the ‘uni feel’ at home

Onto Lockdown 3, and it’s crazy how much of our ‘university experiences’ have been spent sat at home, in our pjs, begging Boris to SET US FREE. Whilst we wait patiently for sweaty club nights, not making it past pre’s, and rolling up to a 9am in yesterday’s makeup, here are five things we can all do to make the situation we are in right now, as ‘uni’ as possible.

Late night big supermarket trips

Picture the scene, it’s past 8pm, there’s nothing to do, you pull up to the bright lights of big Tesco with butterflies in your stomach and hope in your heart. When you’re in, the atmosphere is electric; you’ve got your Christmas garms on (because where else have you been able to wear them?), there’s few enough people that you can hear the tunes blasting, and the opportunities of what you could leave with are endless- and that’s all you could really ask for from a good night out…

Create chaos

We mean this in a completely COVID safe way… But really the number one thing we are all missing about Nottingham uni life, is the sheer unrivalled chaos. So without texting your ex or picking up another recreational hobby, manifest tiny moments of chaos that bring you the same feeling you get in the queue at Rock City watching the person in front of you (who can’t walk) try and get past the bouncers.

My housemates’ personal favourite form of chaos is to do the NHS clap alone outside every Thursday, when nobody in the entire street ever joins her. Other less strange suggestions could be: do something to your hair (always a good idea), surprise someone with a socially distanced visit/gift, do something that scares you (in a good way), or just do something a bit weird… you have a whole month at least to recover from the embarrassment.

Drive through #Datenight

If you are in Notts, all your favourite night out restaurants are still open for drive through or collection. Why not take on the TikTok trend and Rock Paper Scissors your way through starter main and pudding? This is a great one to do with your housemates, and a good time to crack out the mamma Mia playlist.

Join a Society

So many societies are still running online activities that could give you a great connection to your university community. It’s a great way to make friends and a great way to still be actively part of the uni from home. Finding a new hobby that isn’t damaging to our liver or our self esteem is really important at the moment.

It’s also fun to start something new and utilise lockdown to be the time when you really get into something new, it may help you to make those ever important connections for when uni life starts up again. Societies are a great way to eventually expand your social opportunities for events etc. when we are able to do so!

The English Society Christmas Social

Treat Yo’self

If that’s doing your makeup and taking yourself out for a walk, great. If that’s having a bath and watching all three Bridget Jones’ in one night, even better. When at home it is so much harder to separate uni and relaxation time, but both are equally important. Make sure you are carving out the time to do nothing, except from something you enjoy, and don’t let yourself feel guilty for not spending the time working.

Go to the Library

I know, that sounds boring AF, but hear me out. Not that our time spent going into uni when we could was anything remotely productive, but getting out to procrastinate elsewhere helps to create a bit of structure. That also means that it is TOTALLY ok to drink 6 Jager Bombs and a bottle of wine when you get home, because you have totally #earnedit.