Here are all the places that are open on UoN campuses for you to study

Please follow all the university covid guidelines at all times

With the new year came hope for a brighter future free from the rules and restrictions induced by the ongoing global pandemic, unfortunately this was the not the case.

With the whole country in a national lockdown for the foreseeable future with only essential shops and businesses allowed to remain open, it seemed that another university semester carried out from the confines on our own bedrooms was the only option.

However, University of Nottingham has confirmed that all their campuses are remaining open in line with the government guidelines. So when the prospect of looking at the same four walls of your university room for yet another day becomes unbearable, we have compiled all the places across the university’s campuses that are open for students to access and work in.

When attending any of these communal spaces please follow the covid guidelines as outlined by the university to protect yourself and others. If you are unsure on the rules, they can be viewed here.

All university libraries

The most obvious and useful of all are the university libraries. UoN has confirmed that all the libraries across all of its campuses are open and like last term, students are able to book slots to study in them. But with rumours of Hallward Library currently without heating, this might be one to avoid for the time being if you are particularly susceptible to the cold.

Monica Partridge Building

A favourite amongst many, the Monica Partridge Building does not require a booking in order for you to work there. If you’re too young to remember it being called the Teaching and Learning building, maybe give it a miss x

Portland Building

Unknown to many is that Portland Building actually has some rooms dedicated for students to work in and with many of the building’s other uses out of action thanks to the pandemic, even more rooms have opened up for study purposes. If you are unsure where to go, the staff are very helpful and will point you in the right direction.

Course specific common rooms and study areas

Common rooms and study areas available exclusively to students of specific courses are the hidden gem of study spaces.  Barely utilised at the best of times, these are the best places to go if you want to encounter the least amount of people – for covid or anti-social reasons. If you are unsure whether your course has one of these and where to locate it, an email to your personal tutor or course convenor could offer some guidance.

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