UoN societies have come together in plea for a safety-net policy

‘UoN must do better’

The University of Nottingham’s societies have come together in a newly released video, pleading the university to take action and support it’s students with a rightly-deserved ‘safety-net’ policy.

This follows an open-letter addressed to the university’s VC, Shearer West, now receiving over 8000 signatures. The university however, are yet to take any significant action in response to the concerns outlined in the letter.

Earlier today, the university announced that they intend to put a ‘safety-net’ in place, however, UoN’s society’s have come in response to say this is not enough.

Collectively, they announced: “The Societies of the University of Nottingham have a message for Vice-Chancellor Shearer West. The ‘Safety Net’ released Friday 8 January is not acceptable.

Listen to your Societies and Students #UoNmustdobetter. The specifics of the Safety Net Policy demanded by Students of the University of Nottingham will be announced by Student Assembly on Monday 11 January 2021.”

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