This student snuck into his mate’s law lecture in Notts and then went viral on TikTok

His mate was too hungover to go

A Leeds Beckett grad recently posted a video of him sneaking into a Notts law lecture, in place of his mate who was too hungover to go. The clip amassed a whopping 651K views and over 105k likes on TikTok.

Posted on his TikTok account, sundaymidweek, Bradley Green begins the video by saying: “Can someone tell me why I’m going to a law lecture, in Nottingham, when I study music in Leeds? I don’t know… but I thought it would be funny.”

Speaking to The Nottingham Tab, Bradley explained the backstory to his viral vid. Originally taken back in 2018, when Bradley was still at uni, he made the trek down to Nottingham to celebrate his birthday with his mates at UoN. They decided to head to Notts club PomPom, where Bradley knew the owners who treated them to a table and free drinks all night.

He said: “My mate was giving us a hard time about staying out too late, saying that he had uni all day tomorrow. He’s dead involved with his uni shit, so he was saying he couldn’t miss anything. So I was like bro stay out and I’ll go to your lectures tomorrow for you.”

Admitting his mate was hesitant at first, Bradley said he convinced him in the end: “I was like nah bro, it will be calm – I’ll go for you, I’ll take your notes. I’ve been watching Suits recently so it’ll be fine, it’s a good idea.” So his mate eventually agreed.

The following day, Bradley woke up bright and early, still hungover from the night before. Arriving unequipped for a uni lecture, Bradley had to borrow his friend’s hoodie and notebook binder. He said: “I’d never actually used a notebook at uni to be fair, so I was like what am I meant to do with this? I don’t even write notes for my own lectures so I’m like what the hell.”

In the lecture, Bradley reminisced how he was sat next to two girls who were the type to “whip out their Macbooks and just take notes the whole time.” Although, he said, he had no idea what was going on, he decided to just write as many notes as he could and “draw little pictures” for his mate to enjoy when he read back on them.

After sneaking into the lecture, Bradley met his friend for lunch to show him the notes he’d made. Bradley told The Nottingham Tab: “My friend was like ‘bro I really like these’. I was like to be honest, I really enjoyed that last lecture, can I come to another one? So then I just went to another three lectures that day, and oh my it was such a sick experience.

“Genuinely at one point, I was thinking of starting this thing where you go to different unis and just sit in random lectures and just see what they’re like and then rate the university based on that, as opposed to like a night out which people normally do.”

According to Bradley, Notts would’ve got a very high rating on that scale; from the LASS lecture room to the on-campus snacks, “how posh can you get… fucking selling fruit and veg on the campus? Like what… You don’t get this in Leeds Beckett boys.”

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