Ink say Trent student pictured in blackface will be banned from the club if identified

They said that ‘any form of racism is not welcome’

Nottingham nightclub Ink has responded to the incident involving a Nottingham Trent student pictured wearing a charcoal face mask, captioned “might wear this to Ink for rnb floor.”

The venue said the student – who has since apologised for the picture – would be banned from the club if identified.

This response comes in light of the recent suggestions, made on Twitter, that the individual should be banned from the club.

Ink told The Nottingham Tab: “We welcome all races, religions & sex orientation to our venue but any form of racism is not welcome.

“If the individual involved was identified to us at the venue we will ensure the individual is barred from the venue in the future.

“Stand Up to Racism.”

The student has since apologised, stating that it was her “biggest regret” and that the picture is from “a small private group chat” a “few years ago”.

She also said: “I was young, dumb, incredibly naïve and extremely uneducated on the severity of the matter and didn’t comprehend the specific meanings behind the content.”

Nottingham Trent say the investigation is underway and will provide an update when a decision has been made.