Hockley Arts has been named one of the Top 40 cocktail bars in the UK

It won the award for Best Looking Cocktail Bar

Located on Carlton Street, with a hidden entrance and a quirky interior, it is no surprise that The Hockley Arts Club has been named as one of the Top 40 cocktail bars in the UK.

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The GoHen Blog, who has assembled the a list of cocktail bars in the UK writes:

"If there was an award for the coolest looking cocktail bar this would win it, no question. Actually, we’ve just invented the award and a big congratulations to the Hockley Arts Club for winning the inaugural Best Looking Cocktail Bar Award. As well as being an amazing place to just exist, their cocktails are also on another level. Fab-u-lous!"

The bar operates on three separate floors, each with an individual theme. The ground floor is a mid-century Scandinavian inspired space open until 3am every weekend; perfect for drinks and a dance.

The middle floor serves both food and drink across large booths and comfy sofas, great for a dinner date.

The Electric Garden, located on the top floor is the real MVP for the Bars award; it’s intimate bar has a ceiling of flowers and the cocktail menu is amazing.

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Other bars receiving a place in the Top 40 include Bourne & Co. Cocktails and The Button Factory, both in Birmingham, Manhattan34 in Leicester and Bibis Itanlianissimo in Leeds.

The Hockley Arts Club is right on our doorstep though, so go and see why it deserves a place.