Notts BNOC of the Year 2019: Round Two

Something to put on your CV

Welcome to round two of the most prestigious competition in the country. I know you're all eagerly waiting to get to know the second round of candidates, so here they are:

Thomas Keh, third year, Theology

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Thomas came to uni "for a good time not a good degree" which are truly words to live by. Despite this, you may have seen him during one of his 40 hour Monster-fuelled all-nighters in Hallward. From his appearance, donned in Lacrosse playerlayer, you may assume he is part of the Lacrosse team. You would be wrong, as he's "played the sport about 3 times" in his life. If you prefer George Green to Hallward, you may have heard him on the uni radio or seen him serving you in our beloved Mooch.

Yash Doshi, third year, Finance, Accounting and Management

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As the self-proclaimed GOAT of Nottingham, Yash is one of the founding members of ASOC. As well as that he is the current Gen Sec and hosted the ASOC ball! If you don't know him from that, you'll have plenty of chances to encounter Yash as he is always in BLC every Wednesday night and occasionally graces us with an appearance in Curve in Pryzm and the LED room in Ink.

Timor Saleh, second year, Industrial Economics

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Timor is the self-proclaimed hottest Afghan in Nottingham for two consecutive years. He is a 'shapes season ticket holder' and is always up for a social, despite not doing a sport. You will most likely recognise him from Hallward, where he is living at the moment, choosing to sleep on the bean bags in the basement. A solid choice.

Mahel Khan, first year, Management

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With 24k subscribers and counting on his YouTube channel, if you don't know Mahel, get to know. He says he is known for two reasons: being "that YouTuber" and "loving Ink above all else". He's hoping that being nominated (and possibly winning) BNOC will help him find his "future wifey" and has said that the interviews for that will be held at Mooch.

Adam Galligan, second year, Industrial Economics

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If you haven't seen Adam around, you clearly haven't been to the Rose & Crown, where he spends most of his time, even in exam season. He is there so frequently that he knows the staff on a first name basis. His reputation precedes him as he was caught tampering with the fire extinguishers in Rutland Hall in his first year and he helped carry all the library chairs into his mates room for him to come home to after a night out. He's also been featured on Spotted UoN for scaling the Trent building while drunk after going to Crisis.

Vote below for who you think should get through to the next round!