YouTube star from Notts bags Christmas no. 1 with a song about sausage rolls

He beat Ariana Grande


West Bridgford-born Mark Hoyle has climbed the Christmas song rankings, beating Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey, to claim the number one festival spot with a song about sausage rolls.

Raising his two children 10 minutes away from UP campus, Mark is the first person from Nottingham to have a Christmas number one.

Nottingham born YouTube star Mark Hoyle has gained internet fame from his YouTube account LadBaby, where his subscribers are treated to videos with hacks on how to be a dad and a lad.

Mark, along with his wife Roxanne and two children, recorded the tasteful rendition of the 1985 Starship song ‘We Built This City’ as a charity single. All the proceeds went to The Trussel Trust charity, which supports foodbanks.

With lyrics such as: "If you've never had one / And don't recognise the taste / It's a cylindrical bit of pork wrapped / In a puff pastry case", it quickly went viral.

So this year we are saying "thank u, next" to professionally-trained singers and giving a warm welcome to the Nottinghamshire dad-lad and his sausage rolls.

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