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There’s a new matchmaking society at UoN so now you can stop flirting in Hallward

To ensure you’re not as lonely as I am

For most of us, university has been described as a promised land; a plentiful hunting ground on which you can find “the one”. You’re now introduced to people who share the same interests as you (or lack of) in lectures, or met people in catered halls because they were equally as tragic at cooking, or who likewise have an intense interest in tea and joined kettle society. But where actually are they?

Insert Matchmaking Society. The first of its kind to ever grace a university campus and, you lucky devil, it has come to UoN.

Created by four second year philosophy students, Matchmaking Society is the fastest growing society of the year, boasting nearly two hundred members in its third week.

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The society even have a cute logo

With you in mind, the service offers to help match participants of all sexual orientations using a comprehensive form and then sets the lucky couple on a date. Those running the club take time out of their day to help find your future bae, with no ulterior motive than perhaps an invite to your wedding (and I hear Madeleine is a wonderful name).

A team of experts, if you will, shooting their Cupid arrows using a database of questionnaires to find someone most suited to you. A person who isn’t a catfish, attends the same university as you, and who a group of your fellow students have unanimously decided seem a good match for you.

"University is too good a time for people to spend by themselves, and there's almost always someone suitable for everyone, yet when I looked around me I saw so many people were stuck being unnecessarily single; so I wanted to make a system that'd fix that", said Jack Archer, one of the creators of the society.

"Hopes for the current year: to make sure we, as a team, don't let down the massive membership who have put their faith in us, and to see to it that we carry on building something that can be genuinely positive for everybody in the years to come."

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It’s also a way of meeting someone with clarity on their intentions; he or she hasn’t just downloaded an app and swiped a few times and regurgitated a googled chat-up line. There will be no worries that you don't look exactly like you do in your profile picture, or if they'll realise you’re not as funny as your flatmate who helped every step of the way during your Instagram DMs.

Rather, they have sat down and filled in a questionnaire asking them to consider seriously about what sort of person they are and the sort they wish to meet. The best case scenario? Your blind date is the love of your life. A date which has started with good intentions and effort, rather than a drunk app store purchase. If nothing else, you’ll just have another friendly face to pass on campus and bump into in a slipper run to Sainsburys.

With the growing success of the Society, it's easy to forget they are the new kids on the block and it's still early days. But, let me tell you, their future is looking bright.

Once they are more settled, the Matchmaking Society intends to send its matched members on tailor-made dates. You’re both keen climbers? Enjoy your first date at the David Ross climbing wall. You both describe yourselves as movie buffs? Have fun at Friday night at the Savoy watching the new Johnny English.

Matchmaking Society is the place to be this year: a friendly and engaging team of leaders keen to share some love around campus in a fun and playful way. For just £2, Matchmaking Society offers a bespoke, unique service for all the UoN single pringles looking to seriously mingle.