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We’re now officially taking nominations for Nottingham’s smallest box room

Not all heroes wear capes


The box room can be cute and cosy or it can be the bane of your life. But sacrifices have to be made sometimes. They have the title as Britain's unsung heroes, the chosen ones for having a shitty room on the bottom floor.

Ever wanted to pull on a night out but don't have the option of bringing someone back to yours because you have a box room? We want to honour you with the title of Nottingham's smallest box room!

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Did you volunteer as a tribute to take your house's box room? Or did you get the short straw and find yourself in a Lenton attic? However you ended up with a box room doesn't matter, we want to know and reward you for your troubles. Send us your nominations to our Facebook page before the end of this month!

We need to know: the name of who lives there, their course and year of study, its location and why you're nominating the room.