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Two students made a website which calculates how much you deserve in compensation for the strikes

It sends a custom email to your SU officer’s email


Two third year students at the University of Nottingham have made a website which calculates how much you deserve in compensation at a result of the ongoing lecture strikes.

After petitions asking for refunds from the university for missed contact hours which won’t be rescheduled have been popping up left, right, and centre, these two students actually took it upon themselves to help people figure out exactly how much it is they’re missing out on.

It’s tailored to your university, year, course, and even modules.

After putting all the information in, the website will give you a tailored email to send to your university.

Housemates Alex Hughes, a Mechanical Engineering student, and Bruce Jones, a Computer Science student, came up with the idea of creating an app like this after seeing a similar one used to create automatic template for parking fines that would be emailed to the council.

Alex brought the idea to Bruce, who designed the user interface and program the workings of the website using the coding language HTML.

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The app contains several featues that calculate your specified ammount of compensation required due to the strikes.

From a selection of universities in Wales, England, and Scotland, including all 61 univerisities and colleges participating in the UCU strikes, the user can specify their year of study, university, and price of education.

The module selection is the key part of the app. The user can select their credits per each module they are enrolled in currently and how many hours of lectures they are expected to miss thus far in the strikes.

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Alex and Bruce compiled a list of 100+ universities and their SU complaints email adresses, in order to send customised emails regarding compensation.

The pair are in hopes of reaching out to student unions across the country, and have recently been in contact with the UCU who have supported their project.

You can find the link to the website here.