Man gets stuck under tram after being hit in city centre

He’s getting back on track in hospital

A man is recovering in hospital after he was hit and trapped under a tram in Nottingham city centre.

The front carriage collided with him as it approached the Royal Centre stop, near to the Cornerhouse, today at around 8.45am. Amazingly he managed to get up and walk out, after his legs appeared to be stuck under the tram for a short while.

Witnesses described hearing a loud “bang”, as the unfortunate pedestrian managed to miss seeing or hearing the inconspicuous tram.

The man was taken by ambulance to the QMC while police spoke to the driver, but it is not believed he suffered serious injuries. The tram was taken out of service as the driver was forced to explain to passengers he had hit a man, who was briefly trapped before he was freed.

While it is commonplace to hear trams beeping at people,it is very rare that someone is ever hit, due to the speed and predictability with which the trams travel.

A Nottingham Express Transit (NET) spokesman confirmed a tram had been involved in a collision with a pedestrian. He said: “While the emergency services were at the scene the services were delayed, with trams turning back on the northbound route at Old Market Square and on the southbound route at the Royal Centre stop.”

The tram line resumed full service, with some delays, at about 9.30am.