Second year reveals she’s the star of ‘Funny Nativity’ YouTube sensation

The video has over a million views

For twenty years now, second year Law student Ellie Sergeant’s Christmases have been haunted by the memory of a fateful Nativity performance aged three which now has over one million views on YouTube.


The video is called “Funny Nativity” and shows Ellie, aged three, in a Nativity performance howling the words to “The Virgin Mary Had a Baby” blissfully unaware that everyone around her is unable to control their laughter including all the parents and fellow performers.

Ellie said:”My sister put it on YouTube about four years ago, but she did ask for my permission before doing it.”

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“The video doesn’t really affect my life too much, apart from at Christmas. That said, my friends and family all love watching the video and it is a fun fact to bring out about myself at parties.”


She said:”My mum sat at the back of the room and told me to sing as loudly as possible so I sang my heart out. Let’s just say I’m not planning on auditioning for X Factor anytime soon.”

The video rose to YouTube fame four years ago and reappears at this time every year. Ellie said “It’s really wonderful how kind everyone is about the video and the overwhelmingly positive response it has received.

“I’ve always loved making people laugh and ‘Funny Nativity’ has become a really good way of spreading some joy around Christmas time.”

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“I don’t really get embarrassed about anything anymore after this. Maybe I have had enough embarrassment to last a lifetime. That said, I am constantly doing objectively embarrassing things. I am like a drunk dad at his daughter’s wedding.”