Should a guy pay for dinner on the first date?

Sisters of the world unite

In this age of new feminism, when everyone from Emma Watson to Caitlin Jenner is taking a stand, what are the rules about dining out?

Are men still expected to pick up the bill or should we all be going Dutch? We hit the streets of London to see what people think.

Lee , 30, Credit Recovery Officer

“Yes I think they should”

Erol , 24, Telecommunication Engineer


“Yes, I guess”

Amelia, 20, Clarins Specialist


“No, they should pay for their bit and you pay for yours and then on the second date if it’s gone well then they should pay”

James Ramsay, 19, Nottingham Student


“I would always offer but if the girls insists to be equal then go equal”

Cameron , 19, Edinburgh Student


“Always pay on first few dates then when it’s a serious
thing you should take turns paying for the meal”