Katie Clough

Katie Clough
Nottingham University


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I played Pokemon Go for a full day and didn’t even burn that many calories

At least I hatched my eggs

English and Philosophy is a complete doss

Enjoy ur dissertation bitchez

I ran the Barcelona Marathon without training

I had fear of missing out

There’s nothing wrong with being a psycho girlfriend

We aren’t crazy for sticking up for ourselves

We tried the new outdoor gym equipment on campus

Wasn’t great

We went to Munchies’ new Lenton store

Cakes and that

What your Seven-Legged outfit says about you

Your third leg doesn’t count

A random guy bought our pair of Ocean tickets for £100

Who needs buy/sell Notts uni?

We tested freshers on their knowledge of weird Notts slang

I bet you think ‘peng’ is short for penguin

What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in Freshers Week?

Spilling a drink doesn’t count

What even is Karnival? Meet this year’s Karni director

Something to do with charity

Trent Professor says wasps could be swarming to Notts to ruin freshers

Hide yo wife hide yo kids

Should a guy pay for dinner on the first date?

Sisters of the world unite

I don’t get the hype over bums, boobs are the real deal

There’s a reason they’re called funbags

The reality of a juice detox

My hair felt fantastic

It’s our first pull, why are you sticking your tongue down my throat?

If I don’t know your name, I don’t want to know your saliva