Best bum late entry looks to chase the crack pack

She’s taking a crack at bagging the top spot

Notts best bum competition got off to a flying start yesterday, with over 2000 people checking out the plumpest rumps in the East Midlands.

We thought the competition couldn’t get any fiercer until we received a last minute entry late last night.

Anna is entering the crack pack after 3rd year squat studies student Nelly Bumschlinger has already built up a convincing lead in the girl’s competition.

In the boys category, Steve Sidebottom is leading the way with a asstounding 46%.

Is Anna a contender? Vote below.

 Anna Handsucker, 4th Year Rocket engineering

unnamed (2)

I don’t drink water, only vodka and orange juice

Nelly Bumschlinger, 3rd Year Squat studies with kardashianology


I’m a hooters waitress on Saturdays and a church choir soloist on sundays

Lacey Redbottom, 1st year Soft fruit management

I can sometimes twerk, it depends how much alcohol is involved

Peachy McBoots, 4th year Nottingham Forest studies with Herbology

born in a porsche 911

I was born in a porsche 911


Sally Hintern, 3rd Year sheds, fences and erection management


I have been to both Southampton and Scunthorpe

Jade Buxom, PhD in light bondage studies


Me and Kimmy K have the same baby oil supplier

Hugh Janus, 4th year Flatulence studies


I ignore sell by dates on yoghurt

Steve Sidebottom, 1st year theatre studies and waste management


I’m only 5″2 and I compensate by working out

Dan Bottomley, 3rd year Selfie studies

chuckle brothers on a night out

I once met the Chuckle Brothers on a night out

Keith Doublecheek, 2nd year Game show studies


I once lived in a yurt

Will Rearly, 3rd year Interpretive dance

I can rap look at me now by Busta Rhymes

I can rap look at me now by Busta Rhymes

Tom Kissentoosh, 2nd year Biscuit management