Caught red handed: Bungling burglar agrees to pay damages to Hoe after Ocean break-in

He left bloody handprints all over the club

The loose student who broke into Ocean and caused thousands of pounds of damage has confessed.

Andy Hoe appealed for help following a break in caught on camera.

An unidentified man, who Hoe believed to be from Trent, stormed up to the club and broke in via the front glass windows.

In the words of the King himself, who reviewed the CCTV footage: “When he finally makes a big enough hole he decides to squeeze through it and into the club, cutting himself in the process, by the look of the bloody hand prints all over inside, probably on his hand.

“He then goes straight into the cloakroom and pretty much ransacks it, throwing everything onto the floor until he finds the one he’s looking for.”

hoe invasion


The intruder then managed to escape from Andy’s kingdom before the police arrived, with their search dog, to check he wasn’t still inside.

Andy has now revealed the culprit has apologised and agreed to pay for the damage caused.

Each glass pane costs £250 – he broke two. He has escaped without a criminal record.

Ocean owner Andy thanked students for their help in spreading the word. He said: “Thanks to everyone who watched the video, shared, commented and generally spread the word. You’ve saved a fellow student from a potential burglary record for a bit of drunken stupidity.”

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