Team Trent hijack treasure hunt

T R E N T, they stole all our cash money

A treasure hunt was hijacked by troublesome Trenters on Friday who ended up taking home a load of cash.

Around campus 14 drops were made, spreading £500 across Uni Park.

Hunters used an app to identify where the cash was hidden. Hiding places included the tennis courts outside Cripps and the hotel car park.

At around 10:30am, after the first few clues had been announced, users identifying themselves as Team Trent began posting their successes and the banter began to flow, with some keen to try their luck at this unofficial varsity event.

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Predictably, criticism of the Trenters focused on their reduced job prospects and unfamiliarity with Uni Park.

As the challenge wore on, Team Trent stretched their lead, winning envelopes across campus, from the sports centre to architecture.

Photo 14-11-2014 11 54 31

Exasperated unay students began resorting to crude names in an attempt to intimidate the polytechnic pricks off of our green and pleasant campus.

Unfortunately this seemed only to motivate Team Trent, who were presumably practicing for a life living off cash found in public.

Photo 14-11-2014 12 37 06

The treasure hunt lasted until the hunters’ tired little legs finally gave up and the buzzing excitement on the app turned to crippling boredom.

At final count, Team Trent claimed 4 of the possible 14 envelopes, a small victory in their otherwise bleak and meaningless lives.

Photo 14-11-2014 14 06 00