Outrage as student hits out at “Jew Kunts”

Andy Hoe kicks off at racist student for using anti-semitic slur

A former Nottingham student has been slammed as a ‘nazi bastard’ after a racial slur on a facebook ticketing page.

Darren Hoff, a Notts law grad and amateur lifter, complained about “Jew kunts” ripping him off, before suggesting that “everything” was wrong with them.


Hoff made the anti-semitic remark on a publicly visible group with the intention of securing two Ocean tickets, but found a frosty reception from other members of the page.

The post, which has since been deleted, gained attention from the big dog of Ocean, Andy Hoe, who addressed Darren and said: “probably a good idea you don’t bother coming”.

Darren, who can hardly be described as an intellectual, is an amateur body-builder with an active presence on social media, posting handy videos that show his similar braindead followers how to separate eggs for the best gains.


He was awarded the Nottingham Potential as part of the Impact campaign in 2011, and graduated with a law degree.

After incurring the wrath of the King of Ocean, Hoff backtracked with an apology on Hoe’s personal profile.


The President of Nottingham Jsoc, said: “At Nottingham university we do not tolerate any form of anti- semitism.

“The incident will be looked into further and all the necessary steps will be taken to ensure that bigotry and racism will have no place on campus.”

Unfortunately, Darren apologised for being too busy to talk, as he was in Leeds “seeing a couple of DJs”.