Raaadford, you don’t have to put on the red light

Police sting whoreible brothel in Radford

Nottinghamshire Police have shut down a brothel in Radford and banned people from entering it for three months.

The house on Osborne street was investigated due to tip-off from concerned prudes living nearby.

Conveniently situated near four bus stops and a Carphone Warehouse

The police worked in tandem with the City Council Community Protection Team to shut the brothel under the 2003 Sexual Offences Act.

The brothel was located near Trent student accommodation The Student Lodge, but is not thought to have offered NUS discount.

Mike Atkinson, manager of The Student Lodge, on the very aptly named Player Street, spoke to the the Nottingham Post:

“We didn’t know anything about it or that it was even there. We saw some police there recently but before that we didn’t know anything.”

The Student Lodge, just a minutes walk from Player to Playaaaaa

The Student Lodge, just a minutes walk from Player to Playaaaaa

“It’s come as a bit of a shock. Our accommodation is more up-market and Radford can be a bit rough, so it’s nice to know the police are looking out for problems.”

Police have stated that women found at the premises were largely of oriental origin and likely kept under threats of violence.

“In reality, she will be trying to pay back debts incurred in coming to this country and may also fear reprisals against her family in her home country if she doesn’t comply.”

“In order to achieve this, she has to give the outward appearance that she is there through choice otherwise she wouldn’t get any customers.” commented Sergeant Neil Radford, from Community Protection at Central Police Station.

Councillor Mohammed Aslam told the Nottingham Post he welcomes police action : “I am opposed to this kind of activity, It’s a good job that they have closed it down as long as it does not come back.”