Campus Trends: HOT or NOT?

We’ve rounded up uni’s hottest trends and let you decide, hot or not?

Fashion trends are blooming like spring blossom amongst our university and The Tab took to campus to spot the most popular trends worn by students.

We narrowed it down to 7 but can’t decide… HOT or NOT?

You be the judge.

Cut-out boots/shoes

These beauties spotted all around campus manage to make a girl look effortlessly sexy from day to night. With a low chunky heel, it’s definitely bringing back the 90’s in a good way.

Britain = rain, so they can be an issue for leaks. Most girls seem to wear them with cute socks or tights; not so pretty with soaking wet feet.


Boots from River Island


With grunge hitting hard, school-girl chic is a classic look which is due to stay. Ranging from leggings and dresses to pencil skirts, it is an elegant way to spruce up any occasion.

However they can have a negative impact with the older generation. If your lecturer has to ask if you came to lectures in your pyjamas, it’s not the best reaction to have after dressing to impress.


Isabel Jury, 1st Year Art History, Skirt from George at Asda
Isabel styles her tartan skirt with a denim jacket


Spring is coming, and with a slight glimmer of sunshine hitting the University of Nottingham. Looking as pretty as a flower is a lovely way to show off your feminine side.

You have to be careful wearing pastels as they can wash you out, especially if you mix up too many shades of pale.


Emma Ehrenberg, 1st Year International Relations, vintage jumper

Boyfriend Coats

Nottingham likes to stay classy from the transition from Winter to Spring, so what better to do it than by wearing a comfy, oversized coat.

You have to find the coat that suits your body best; if not you’ll look like you’re drowning.


Holly, 1st year English, H&M coat

Rolled up T-shirts

Who knew such simple thing as rolling up the sleeve of a t-shirt could make all the difference to how good an outfit looks. By tapering a sleeve, it gives a look that just says “I’m better than you.”

Most guys pair them with skin-tight skinny jeans. Hold on to your horses lads, don’t expose too much!

 “Sport” Trainers

You would never expect sportswear to be stylish! So why not enjoy the satisfaction of wearing trainers as a statement piece. Practicality, comfort and a jazzy style – all in one!

As much as these are the rage right now, they do look a bit like the shoes we were forced to wear to school at 12. You can’t complain really, they’re your new best friend.

Bright popping trainers are the perfect way to add a touch of colour to the outfit without overpowering it.


New Balance Trainers

Collared Shirts

Everyone loves a guy who can look dapper in a shirt, and it can make a simple look much more elegant.

Trendy as they are, when you’re grinding against a potential lover in Ocean, it can get a tad stuffy.

Mark makes this look smart, but not too “get me out of this”.


Mark Allen, 1st year Computer Science, Shirt from Topman