10 Things To Do: Valentine’s Special

Love it or loathe it, it’s the most commercially romantic week of the year. We’ve rounded up the best stuff to do if you’re single, loved up or have a special relationship with cats.

1. Varsity Darts @ Trent SU

Tuesday, 7.30pm, £4+

What better way to start your Valentine’s week than by supporting the darts team against our Trent nemeses. There’s lots of beer and everyone gets a bit rowdy, what’s not to love?


Cupid’s dart of love?

2. Singin’ in the Rain @ Theatre Royal

Tuesday 4th – Saturday 15th February, 7.30pm, Theatre Royal, £19-40.

It’s jumped on the midnight train from St. Pancras to dance our pathetic faces off. Yes, Singin’ in the Rain has descended on our fair town of Nottingham, possibly because the show’s producers have a great sense of humour and our weather is as grim as an audience with Piers Morgan in Slough. Metaphors. Telling the story of Hollywood’s first musical, it’s a timeless piece of theatre and we loved it. Ideal for those with loftier Valentine’s Day date aspirations.

You'll be dancing through the streets of Nottingham

You’ll be dancing through the streets of Nottingham

3. Le Bistrot Pierre Re-Opening


That fancy French restaurant opposite Victoria centre re-opens this week after a major re-vamp, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Fancy that…

4. Itchy Feet Returns @ The Bodega 

Wednesday, 11pm-3am, £7 on the door

A mixture of rock ‘n’ roll, funk and swing, give your Valentine a whirl on the dancefloor. Make sure you get tickets because they always sell out.

A chance to do some proper dancing. Or not.

A chance to do some proper dancing. Or not.

5.Pole Dance Taster Session @ Twisted Pole Studio

Wednesday, 2pm & 4pm, £2.50

Pole Dance Society are offering taster sessions this week, why not go along and learn something new to show your boyfriend/girlfriend/cat this Valentine’s Day?

6. Nottingham Does Vintage @ Nottingham Playhouse

Saturday 15th February, 10.30am – 4.30pm, Nottingham Playhouse, £1

Britain Loves Vintage are a roving fair of vintage clothes and are marking their Nottingham debut next Saturday. So if you like old clothes, cake, tea and the 40s, check it out.

Step back into the flirty forties

Step back into the flirty forties

7. Moonlighters Big Band @ Djanogly Recital Hall

Friday, 1.15pm, FREE

Following their amazing gig at Spanky’s on Friday night, Moonlighters Big Band get all civilised for Friday’s lunchtime concert. One for everyone, this band is not to be missed.


Not one to be missed


8. Speed Dating at The Orange Tree @ The Orange Tree

Thursday 13th February, 7pm at The Orange Tree, £8 (1 cocktail included).

It’s Valentine’s Day, meaning the only thing more populous than pink hearts and naked babies next week will be miserable, lonely people. But fear not, my friends, speed dating is here! Will you meet the love of your life? Probably not. But you can get drunk with a big bunch of like-minded people. C’est la vie.

9. Knicker Making Workshop @ Pole Palais

Sunday 16th February, 10am – 4pm, Pole Palais, Church Street, New Basford, £25

Okay, bare with us here. What’s more romantic than chocolates, flowers and whispered sweet-nothings? Funky underwear of course! But lace, velvet, silk, ivory and…er, enamell are far too conventional, so pop on over to this workshop and make your own actual fancy-pants. It’ll be like a dream come true.

Fancy pants

Fancy pants

10. All of the Things @ The Bodega

Bodega is a club. It plays music and stuff. It also hosts music played by actual humans, supposed live music. Weird. Anyhow, on this Valentine’s week it has a menagerie of treats for would-be patrons, including: Pup & Slaves (10th Feb), Satellite Stories (12th Feb), Orla Gartland (14th Feb) and Matt Pryor (16th Feb). I don’t know who any of those people are, but I’m sure they’re wonderful and will happily high-five anyone who asks.