How to procrastinate as a student

I’ll just look at one more article…

It’s exams! It can be hard to stay on track with revision, but we all have a different vice when it comes down to procrastination.

Here are the seven most common types of student procrastinator:

The Organiser


They float through their degree the rest of the year but when exams loom it’s time to get  it together! Their favourite activity is making lists and their bedroom walls are covered in them.

Most commonly heard saying: ‘I’ve got to go to W.H. Smiths first.’

The Baker


Everyone’s favourite housemate during exams. Spurred on by GBBO repeats they relieve exam stress by making all manner of treats. Mary Berry eat your heart out.

Most commonly heard saying: ‘Nom nom nom nom.’

The Exerciser


They’ll say’ fitness first’ but everyone knows what they really mean is ‘anything but revision!’

The gym has never looked so appealing.

Most commonly heard saying: ‘I’ll go for a  run and do it later.’

The TV Box Set Watcher


Whether using Netflix or the good old DVD, they simply have to know what happens to Susan in the next episode of Desperate Housewives.

At no other time of the year are so many whole TV series consumed.

Most commonly heard saying: ‘I might as well watch the last episode now.’

The OCD Tidier


For 2 months each year their room is a domestic paradise. After all, how are you supposed to revise when you know that your books aren’t in alphabetical order?

Most commonly heard saying: ‘Has my washing finished yet?’

The Shopper


Suddenly they remember their huge list of things which they absolutely need to buy right now.

Ebay is not your friend shopper! Step away from that computer!

Most commonly heard saying: ‘IT WAS ON SALE!’

The Internet Addict


The internet is the student’s eternal frenemy. No other modern invention has cost us so many percentage points in our exams.

Between Buzzfeed, Facebook, Twitter and Candy Crush it’s no wonder the internet addict spends so much time online. You’re doing it right now by being on this article, but we’ll forgive you.

Most commonly heard saying: ‘I’ll just check my news feed quickly.’


Whatever your preferred method of putting it all off, good luck!