Half of uni students are wasting their time

Official stats show nearly half of grads doing jobs beneath them

Only half of recent graduates are working in grad jobs.

The office for national statistics has found that a staggering 47% of recent grads are in non-graduate roles, an increase of over 10% in the last five years.

The study, focusing on post-uni employment figures, showed that as the amount of the grads in the workplace increases, so too does the amount that settle.

more grads, less grad jobs.

More grads, less grad jobs.

The stats also show that, surprisingly, Media students are the second most employed group but only earn on average £21,000 after graduating.

Predictably, the group with the highest graduate level employment rate are the medics, who rake in over £45k after graduation day.

 medics, using the time we use for jobhunting to make ridiculous costumes

Medics, using the time we use for jobhunting making ridiculous costumes

Stat boffins think the recession has caused students to mix up their job hunting, with more and more looking for employment outside standard graduate choices.

This has traditionally been the norm for art students, who are well known for their fondness for fast-food employment whilst they wait for their “big break”, but it is increasingly worrying to see it spread to those with genuine degrees.

McDonalds, keeping alive the delusions of art students since 1955.

McDonalds, keeping the delusions of art students alive since 1940

With the increased fee situation seeing many struggle through uni, prospective students will surely be concerned at the diminishing graduate level career prospects and may even cause some to forgo further education altogether.

However, whilst the recent rise of graduates in non-graduate roles may be worrying, a degree does still increase your chances of getting a job.

Only 4% of graduates are unemployed, compared to 8% of those who have just 5 GCSE’s, showing that 5 more years of study and nearly £40k in debt will help you by a whopping 4%.