Rugby Union banned from Varsity for initiation

SU imposes ban because someone took a poo in a sink

The Men’s Rugby Union Club has been banned for two months – after a student did a poo in a Halls sink.

The SU have imposed the sanction on the club for breaching the Union policy on welcome socials.

They have since banned the club from all activities for a period of two months next year, meaning they will miss the Varsity fixture according to Impact.

AU officer, Tom Hicks, told Impact: “Initiations or events which include harassment, embarrassment, excessive force consumption and so forth have no place in our culture.

We would encourage any student who feels that they have been subjected to anything of this nature to report to the Students’ Union. As we have demonstrated we will take appropriate action.”

During an SU investigation into the incident, it emerged that the original incident occurred as part of a Fathers & Sons event in October 2012. The pooing perp was later punished by the club, reportedly being forced to strip.

The club was deemed to have broken the SU’s Events Policy, with regard volumes of alcohol, nudity, humiliation and coercion.

The ban will run from the April 24 to June 20 in 2014, meaning there will be no men’s Rugby Union Varsity fixture.