The Comedy of Errors

New Theatre team up with new theatre company Fine Frenzy to put The Comedy of Errors on stage.

Despite boldly deciding to rehearse for a mere three days with his actors, all of whom have been learning lines during exam season, Director Gus Miller has proved that he is able to get some great performances out of his cast, with not a single member of the company being overlooked or outshone.

There is a strong relationship between the important couples, like the Dromios played with skill and an endearing sincerity by Jack Holden and Aaron Tej. Antipholi is played with wonderful intensity by Chris Walters and Sam Warren.

Adriana and Luciana, played by Amelia Gann and Ellie Cawthorne, both have a great poise and intelligence to their performances, making them a joy to watch. This is also true between the smaller character roles like Angelo and the Merchant, played by the charming Ben Hollands and Sam Greenwood.

There are also some lovely moments from John Bell and Chloe Bickford who prove that comedy is a serious business with their beautiful subtlety and charisma, while the ever-reliable Jess Courtney, Emma McDonald, Ben Williamson, and Greg Link give the audience plenty to smile about.


This production is slick, playful, and downright hilarious. It is always nice to see an ensemble so clearly enjoying the company and talent of their colleagues and this was evident throughout, made all the more special by the fact that Fine Frenzy are a new production company founded by former alumni of the University of Nottingham and the New Theatre.

The cast, Miller and Producer Martha Wilson have put together a warm, fast-paced production that will entertain and woo the audience. From the moments of brilliant physical comedy to the committed performances this is a summery treat with a simplicity and honesty that is very inviting.

If the first performance is anything to go by, this dedicated and skilful cast and crew will delight and improve even more with every show. They deserve to be seen and the script is one of Shakespeare’s funnier and more playful works, so why not treat yourself?

‘The Comedy of Errors’ runs until Friday with performances starting at 7.30pm (doors 7pm) in the evenings and a Friday matinee at 2.30pm (doors 2pm). Tickets may be reserved at [email protected]