Just another meat scandal

The cast of Fresh Meat descend on Nottingham with exceptional tardiness…

Friday night saw hoards of Notts students swarm to Mooch in order to get a glimpse of the pallid public school boy Jack Whitehall and his trusty Fresh Meat pals.

Although they were made to wait much longer than expected…

Slightly stale meat

Bands of burly security men checked for bright red wrist bands as the excitement grew with the wait.

As one of the last Uni’s to be featured on Jack’s comic relief challenges, we were expecting a Rap battle, tales of the cast’s infamous ‘banter bus’ and a host of pretty outrageous challenges to be undertaken by the popular gang.

After lounging around for about half an hour the crowd got bored of checking Whitehall’s twitter feed and headed to their fail safe move when waiting, and got pissed.

All in all the event was far more stale meat than fresh meat. Jack finally arrived around half ten, and little of what was promised came to fruition.

No matter what is said though this was for a great cause and those lucky few that received one of Jack’s slightly dodgy but characteristically humorous portraits of themselves well done!

Comic relief is on BBC1 on Friday the 15th of March.