Outlaws: Trent ‘will see death’!

Nottingham Outlaws respond to Trent Renegades’ trash-talking Patches before Varsity showdown

After last week’s fiery interview with Nottingham Trent’s American Football team, the Trent Renegades, The Tab spoke to our very own Nottingham Outlaws. We got the reaction from team captain Thomas Roberts, who was keen to let Trent know that Friday’s game won’t be a walkover…

The Outlaws’ Quarterback will be looking to make his mark

The Renegades wouldn’t stop going on about how they’ve won the last three games against the Outlaws and are confident of maintaining their winning streak. Roberts played in all three matches and is hoping he’s not on the losing side in his fourth and final year.

He said: “Both teams will be up for the game, both teams are going to be going out for the win. At the end of the day, we really want to win this game. It’s my last chance. This is our top priority at the moment.”

Huddle boys

Roberts is feeling confident that his team has what it takes to overcome Trent and while he wouldn’t talk tactics, he did say his side are more than ready for the big game: “We’re going to take the ball and run it up their throat. I’m obviously not going to divulge our whole gameplan but I’m very confident that our coaches have got us working towards the right goal. We know their strengths and their weaknesses.

“The fact that they’re favourites is hopefully going to help us. While they’re taking this light-heartedly and thinking they have got it in the bag, we have actually got our heads down and are working hard. What we want to do is keep them guessing so, in the grand scheme of things, they don’t know what is going to happen.”

Don’t drop the egg, American style

Roberts has laughed off freshman running back Mo Wagaafe’s claim that the Outlaws defence would have a hard time catching him on Friday: “He thinks he is going to outrun Andy Thomas, the 6ft 4, 230 lbs middle linebacker?! He’s going to have a fun day doing that. He better run.”

Captain Roberts calls Trent’s Patches a wuss

The rivalry between Roberts and Trent captain Marcus ‘Patches’ Boswell is one of the most interesting parts of this contest, especially as they are former teammates. ‘Patches’ was particularly confrontational in his interview and while Roberts didn’t want to get into a war of words, he did say: “Patches basically plays in the wuss position on the defence. He doesn’t actually do anything manly like make a tackle.”

I don’t think Patches is going to have a good day! If he wants to have a hit at me, he can have one free one if he wants, I don’t mind that. The fact is that it won’t take me to the ground, it won’t block me. The next time he sees me running towards him, he’s going to see death.”

This game isn’t just significant because of the charity Varsity series, it’s also hugely important for the BUCS league standings. Roberts said: “They’re ahead of us in the league but for the last three years Varsity has been a winner-takes-it-all situation – if you win you make it into the end of season playoffs. If you don’t then your season finishes in March. From our point of view, winning would put us in good stead to top them in the league table.”

Wide receiver Andrew Mathers could prove a serious threat to the Renegades defence

Nottingham Outlaws know the size of the task and what is needed of them. They are ready for this: ‘We’re not going to take them lightly and they shouldn’t take us lightly because we’re not going to leave Harvey Hadden without having a fight for the result.’

The Nottingham Outlaws vs The Trent Renegades – Friday 1 February, Harvey Hadden Stadium, 6:30pm