Sam Dean

‘I thought I’d been shot’: Finalist’s birthday ruined by a drive-by egging

Worst birthday ever?

Explosion causes huge inferno on Jubilee Campus

There were no casualties

Don’t forget what the NUS does for you

Despite its flaws, the NUS is still a positive force in student life, says Calum McGregor

Cripps Health Centre goes Living Wage after Notts student campaign

Huge success for UoN Living Wage Campaign

Ocean-Devotion hits all-time high as hundreds queue up for Hoe’s last few tickets

Shirt-swinging faithful fill Portland since 5 am

As if they called that new bridge to QMC the ‘Ningbo Friendship Bridge’

This is terrible

Preview: Under The Radar Festival

Sunday’s UTR Festival has been organised by Nottingham students and will showcase some of UoN’s finest musicians – we spoke to one of the hosts

REVEALED: The best courses to get laid in the UK

What’s the boy:girl ratio for your subject?

Revealed: The best courses to get laid

Ever wondered which subjects have the most extreme boy:girl ratios? We have the answers…

VOTE NOW: Best Bums 2014 – the boys

Who will be awarded Nottingham’s first ever Best Bum award?

dgtl Concepts: Nottingham University’s creative media specialists

Meet the pioneering Notts students who have balanced their degrees with setting up one of the fastest growing media companies in the East Midlands

Invasion of the blood suckers: Mosquito threat creates panic in Notts

Run for the hills! Thousands of thirsty mosquitoes are coming to the East Midlands

Do you have the best bum in Nottingham?

Do you reckon you have the pertest posterior in the East Midlands? Have you spent years sculpting that fine piece of junk? Do you squat?!

Oopsies: UoN accidentally sends confidential info to thousands

Notts emails private details of job applicants to 4751 people in colossal cock-up

A love letter to Nottingham

It’s time to pay homage to a city which is ridiculed too often, says Oscar O’Mara

“Quidditch is a real, hard-hitting sport”

We spoke to the Nottingham student selected to play for Great Britain’s Quidditch team

We met the new UoN Snow Sports race captain

We talk ski, socials and slopes with new race captain Seb Huff

Nottingham student scoops photography award

Alex Wilkinson’s awesome photo won the My Coast Photography competition

New university league table mugs Notts right off

We’re almost as bad as Aston?!

The most elaborate ways to cheat in your exams

Forget writing on your hand, here are some alternative, foolproof ways to sneak some notes into your exams

NUS officer branded ‘patronising’ for launching ‘National Have A Pint With An Immigrant Day’

Daniel Stevens wants to “challenge anyone considering voting UKIP”

Please stop posting photos of your dissertation

This isn’t OK. You are terrible people

The Panini obsession: football sticker albums are making us happy again

Why are thousands of fully-grown students spending their money on football stickers?

NUS farce after Twitter ‘trolls’ attack committee for saying ‘women are not female’

Delegates at annual Women’s Conference come under fire on Twitter after moves to include transgender women

Former Notts Assistant Director of Sport jailed for two years

Nigel Mayglothling sentenced yesterday after pleading guilty to nine counts of indecent assault

VIDEO: Nigel Farage left with eggy head after Nottingham attack

UKIP leader forced to scramble after taking a battering…

A-List super-celeb Rick Edwards thrown out of Rock City

Rick-rolled out of town after angering Rock City bouncers by putting a man on his shoulders

Tab Tries: Sutton Bonington

Sutton Bonington? What’s that?

I have depression, bipolar disorder and panic attacks: do you see me differently?

There is a stigma attached to students who suffer with mental illness, says Phoebe Greggor

I, Too, Am NOT Racist

The “I, Too, Am UoN” campaign is totally cliché, says James Parker

The best student election videos

VOTE NOW for the best campaign video of 2014

The best student election videos of 2014: what’s your favourite?

VOTE NOW: Which campaign video will be crowned champion?

The Dark Knight keeps Notts students safe at night

“Batman and Robin” campaign encourages students to stick together when they go out

Notts in GIFs: Made in Chelsea/Game of Thrones special

Game of Thrones AND Made in Chelsea back on our screens in the same week?! This is too much

Fire engines called to campus following ‘chemical spill’

Fire engines and ambulances on campus, incident in L3 lab near Coates Building

More mealworms in your warm meals: Cav cooks bugger up AGAIN

Creatures found in hall dinners for the third time this year

PHOTOS: Spring is finally here

Turns out Nottingham is beautiful after all…

Student bus fare doubled to £2

Rumours of student riots as bus fares changed in the worst possible way…

Orchestral Concert to fight cancer at Royal Concert Hall

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra played a selection of 20th Century tunes in aid of three cancer charities on Friday night, and by the end of the show The Tab were dancing along.

CRISIS Photos of the Week

Unsurprisingly, the Mexican-themed CRISIS threw up some photobooth classics

Fire in Lenton: Emergency services called to Kimbo blaze

Students line the streets as fire engines called to blaze supposedly caused by a candle

The Page 3 ban was one step back for mankind – sorry – womankind

Difference of opinion and the freedom of choice should be celebrated, not shut down, says James Parker

Karni raise over £15k with Sport Relief mile

First ever Sport Relief mile on campus is huge success

Jubilee Campus looks fit from above

Sun’s out, helicopter camera is out

Bakery or Market Bar?

Bakery or Market Bar? It’s one of the hardest decisions of university life, so we figured it all out for you…

Hall bars are dead – it’s time to give them back to us

No one cares about gourmet food

Man arrested after Ilkeston hit and run

Girl remains in stable condition

Nottingham student finishes third in Mr University

We spoke to Petros Djakouris, the Notts second-year recently named the third buffest student in the UK

We did it! UK voting record broken after Tab hype

We did it! Tab hype brings about NATIONAL voting record

The Notts Bullman is back!

“Why get it from the cow when you can get it from the bull” – the Notts Bullman is back, everyone…

TabTV interviews – part 2: “Would you rather vomit marbles or sweat cheese?”

We grilled the SU Presidential candidates on all the most important things, check out part 2

SU societies are trying to stitch up The Tab

These unfounded and unsubstantiated claims made against The Tab are defamatory and farcical

Why you should vote for Katie Williams

I’m voting for Katie Williams because it’s time someone shook the SU up, says Sam Dean

TabTV: Part 1 of SU Presidential candidate interviews

On a scale of 1 to 18k, how much do you want this job?

92% of students don’t know what the SU does

Vast majority of students don’t know who their SU President is, either

Girl injured in alleged hit and run incident on Ilkeston Road

Student told car didn’t stop after hitting girl

Can you make it to Berlin without any money?

Red Bull challenges students to get all the way to Germany using cans of energy drink and no money

Five Notts students with high hopes for Lagos

Meet the Nottingham students trying to make a big difference in Nigeria

Lad Culture? Indie Culture is the real problem

We hear complaints about the lad culture at uni, but the snowballing indie movement is far more of an issue, says Cameron Tobin

CARNAGE is carnage

Outrage as students drink alcohol and wear revealing clothes

Left Soc Leader: Putin should invade Ukraine

Controversy as Left Soc leader faces criticism for hoping Russia invades Ukraine

Teen locked up after rape of student in Nottingham

18 year-old jailed after ‘disgusting’ attack last October

Jack Salter pulls out of Presidency battle

With so many people pulling out, it’s all getting a little bit messy

Horrific Trent cheerleading chat exposed

Someone’s jealous…

Nottingham cracks down on student druggies

Students fined thousands of pounds as Uni leaves no stoner unturned in war against drugs

Graduation? Yeah that’s fine

Uni told off for stopping students from graduating if they haven’t paid fines

Notts in GIFs: Storm

There’s a storm coming, Harry… time to get inside.

Varsity Darts: “We’re going into the lion’s den”

“Last year, Nottingham Uni accused our captain of having an STI. This year, he’s back. And he has two.”

VIDEO: Bouncer tricks student with fake breathalyser test

Check out the hilarious video below

Are students taking less drugs?

Do we really want to be part of the first generation ever to be more conservative than their parents? Beth Watson says no.

Notts in GIFs: Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is great, right…?

Crisis photos of the week

CRISIS is back, and so is the photobooth. Exclusively to The Tab, check out the best photos from Wednesday’s post-exams smash

Trent students pretend to steal a bike – no one cares

Check out the depressing video below

Your dad works for my dad: Our guide to Varsity chants

Sing your hearts out, Notts

Ice Hockey For Dummies

Reckon you can get behind your team without knowing your ‘face-off circle’ from your ‘crease’? Think again.

Prof Wars: Scouse Boff Calls Notts Prof ‘Dracula’

Mars and Coca-Cola’s paid adviser shouldn’t work for government on sugar guidelines, says Liverpool prof

Prof wars: Scouse Prof calls Notts boff ‘Dracula’

Mars and Coca-Cola’s paid adviser shouldn’t work for government on sugar guidelines, says Liverpool prof

Suspected Gas Leak at Trent’s Clifton Campus

Student buses diverted and roads closed as gas leak causes havoc for gutted Trenters

Malaysia Campus… from above!

Check out UNMC from the best possible view

Snowflake Ball 2013: VIDEO

Take a look at the video highlights of the 2013 Snowflake Ball

Students shocked by Nottingham nightclub’s baa-baric tweets

Is Baa Bar’s twitter feed the weirdest in Nottingham?

Notts Student Flies Video Camera Over Campus

Check out the amazing video

Nott so bad after all: We’re top for graduate employers

UK’s top employers say Notts students are better than Oxford, Cambridge and everyone else

The Hoe Hasseled The Hoff

The man, the myth, the legend delights Notts students by shirt-swinging in Ocean…

Notts In GIFS: Dog Special

Not inspired by Buzzfeed at all, this week’s Notts In GIFs is completely dog-based. Everyone loves dogs, yeah?

Creepy Crawlies Found In Cavendish Canteen

Fresher disgust after mealworm and snail found in Cavendish Hall meals

The Tab Playlist Of The Week

The Tab Playlist Of The Week is brought to you by Original Flavour

Crisis Photos Of The Week

Crisis Photos of the Week is back and more muscular than ever

Uni Gender Segregation Should Not Be Tolerated

Allowing the violation of rights in universities across the country simply because of religion should never be allowed, says Nishith Chennakeshava

Notts Students Hassel The Hoff

Baywatch hero comes to Oceana – it was Hoff the hook

VIDEO: Lyrical Law Lecturer Lets Loose

Professor filmed singing song in a Nottingham Law lecture

The Hairy-Men’s Last Stand: Movember, Episode 4

The Tab pits three close friends against each other in the race for male dominance and facial extravagance. Hold onto your handlebars, it’s Episode 4.

Nottingham Playhouse: Jack and the Beanstalk

Panto season is upon us! This year celebrates the 30th anniversary of the pantomime and 30 years of Kenneth Alan Taylor’s infamous Dame. It definitely doesn’t disappoint!

Tabvent Calendar – 1st December

Put your Advent Calendar away, it’s the Tabvent Calendar! Every day this month, we’re going to be bringing you a little bit of joy to brighten up your cold, dark, essay-filled last few days of term…

11 Things to Do This Week

It’s December so it’s officially Christmas. Cue plenty of Christmas concerts with mince pies!

The Christian Union Needs To Change Tactics

Nottingham’s CU is falling short in certain aspects, says Victoria Ibitoye

Finding pootopia: The best places to poo on campus


Sneak Peak At This Year’s Raunchy Cheer Calendar

Exclusive to The Tab, the Nottingham Knights Cheerleaders have released a sneak preview of their 2014 charity calendar…

Notts in GIFS: Deadlines

Deadlines. They’re coming.

The Language Barrier: Deodorant

This week, our non-Spanish speaking man in Spain learns that you need to have a grasp of the basic hygiene essentials if you want to make cool adult friends.

“It’s empowering”: Meet student glamour model Emma Kuziara

From Notts to Nuts: The third year Nottingham student says the ‘No More Page 3’ campaign makes men and women LESS equal.